Sunshine yellow colour designs for your home interior decor

posted on 15.04.2016

Discover the cheery charm of yellow in your living spaces

Close your eyes and picture this: it’s a sunny day, and there is a pleasant breeze blowing. Imagine how happy and light you feel; how full of energy. Why does that happen?

It’s because the light around you is yellow.

Bright, warm colours fill us with energy and enthusiasm. We all know that we have colours that look best on us, or that make us feel a certain way, but colours are actually used to influence mood. There are multiple studies that prove this; and we now have colour specialists who study the effects of colour on mood, emotions and temperament.

Yellow is the colour of effervescence and sunshine. It can transform the feel of a room from dreary to glowing joy, and causes a perceptible shift of emotion.

Yellow conjures up memories of afternoon naps, summer holidays, and the beach – all moments in which we’ve felt contented. It creates a warm and inviting space, and can even help increasing appetite by making you feel comfortable. Many family restaurants or coffee shops like to use yellow décor to preserve a happy, upbeat atmosphere. 

Because it evokes such an emotional response, it’s no surprise that yellow is becoming a popular colour for home interior decor as well. Where else would you want to be more content and happy than in your own home? If you’re keen to introduce yellow to your home interior design, an optimistic yellow shade can be really suitable for the kitchen or dining areas, or in a lobby or entry way where it has a welcoming effect.

If you’re not considering repainting right now, think about adding a splash of yellow through your décor. Put up a beautiful painting with a large yellow component. It’ll make you happy every time you see it. Or try putting up buttery yellow curtains to catch the morning sunlight.

Choose a harmonising combination of wall paint colours if you want to maximise the effects of yellow. It works to best effect when paired with creams, eggshell whites, or textured browns. A milky yellow with this combination can be soothing in a bedroom or living room. When placed next to pastels, it could have a beautiful vintage effect – also suitable for a modern living room home decor design. Pair it with a citrus colour like orange or lime for a zesty, energetic look in a kitchen or play area. While yellow can be very dramatic next to black or navy, it might not be suitable for a large area.

Do remember that your age, gender, cultural background and even the local climate will affect how you react to or engage with colours, so look for a shade that you like. With so many shades of yellow, you’re bound to find one that suits your purposes exactly.

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