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How to dress up your walls with contemporary decor ideas

posted on 15.04.2016

Bring your walls into sharp focus with these chic, contemporary wall decor ideas​

They’re the largest blank surfaces of our homes, and yet walls remain largely neglected when it comes to interior home décor. Most home owners paint them and then forget about them. But now, with modern products and exciting design ideas for wall decoration, you can turn your walls into an artist’s canvas and express your tastes and sensibilities with relatively little effort.

So, what are the options you have for accessorising your walls? It really depends on the effect you want. You can choose to create textures and finishes that you can accomplish through paints. You could also opt for motifs from folk and tribal art, or geometric, floral or abstract patterns. Whether you choose to use wallpaper, stencils, decals and stickers, or textures, your walls will become the focus of your room.

Some of these options can be executed independently, and some will require a professional. Amongst all of them, however, stencils and decals are comparatively inexpensive and easy to use, if you know a few handy tips.

Wall Stencil versus decal​

What is a stencil? How is it different from a decal? A stencil is a sheet of silicon or plastic with a pattern or design cut out. You use it to frame an outline and fill in the paint. A decal, on the other hand, is essentially a sticker. It is a thin sheet of vinyl with the design on it, and the backing peels off so you can paste it to a wall.

How do you use them?

With a wall stencil, you can create patterns on multiple walls, in any wall colour of your choice. You can choose to repeat the wall colour pattern to cover entire walls or you can focus on creating an accent wall on one side of a room. A decal is a one-time use, although a good quality decal can be moved without damaging the paint on a wall.

You can use a stencil or a decal to replicate the motifs in your décor, by matching it to your upholstery or to the theme of the room. You could also use a quirky, whimsical decal or stencil to highlight a particular section of your wall.

Where can I use a wall stencil or decal?

The answer to this is a resounding ‘Anywhere’! Stencils or decals can be used in any room – from your entry way to your bathroom. You can even use them on architectural features like columns, pillars, beams and even on the ceiling.

Using wall art is a chic way to upgrade your interior home wall decor to look more contemporary in design. It showcases a side of your personality that would be difficult to express otherwise. Do consider the wide range of wall stencils and decals from Asian Paints for instant makeovers with minimal effort.

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