Asian Paints Adhesive - Style Guide

Multipurpose Table

Wooden home décor makes a style statement in any room. The multipurpose table is a home décor idea that maximises space efficiency with the style of any designer furniture. Watch the video to learn the tricks of the trade.



Jewellery Cabinet

The jewellery cabinet is an innovative interior design idea that maximizes space efficiency without comprising on style. Watch and learn this great space saver technique for all your precious jewels



Wine Rack

The wine rack is a modern home bar design, created keeping in mind the space constraints in homes today. Watch this video and learn how to efficiently store all your bar essentials.



Library Chair

The library chair is not only a comfortable sofa seating but also makes it easy to stack and remove books when required. Watch and learn how to bring this easy idea into your homes.



Refurbished Coffee Table

The refurbished coffee table is a stunning home décor design that utilises materials you may already have at home. Watch the video and learn how to make the most out of waste.



Batman Bookshelf

The Batman bookshelf is a simple home interior design that brings together utility and pop culture, with style. You must watch this if you’re a comic book or cartoon lover.



Sofa Side table

The sofa side table saves space that a regular coffee table would use and gives a stylish feel that’s perfect for modern homes. Watch how to create this simple home décor design in few minutes.



Door Mirror

The door mirror can elevate the style factor of any room. It brings in a sense of panache and luxury. Watch this video and see how you can change the feel of your room.