Trugrip CR-8 Innovative General Purpose Glue - Asian Paints

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Is this product safe for usage by children?

Yes, the glue is non-toxic and is safe for usage by children of all ages

What surfaces can the product be used on? Can it be used for plastics/woods etc?

It can be used on wood, plastics, different types of paper, card board and various other craft related items

How much glue is there in the pack?

There is a pack of 10 PCS each with 15 grams of glue, the quantity has been chosen basis extensive research indicating amount of glue used in a typical craft project to minimize wastage.

We also offer 4 other packs each of 25gm,50gm,100gm and 200gm as well.

Does the glue leave any marks on the surfaces?

No, the glue does not leave any mark on the surface post application.

Where can I buy this product?

The Asian Paints Web Shop, Flipkart and a Stationery store near you!