Royale Lustre: the best lustre

- Low odour: Ordinary lustre paints are solvent based and give off a pungent odour for weeks after painting. Royale Lustre is water based which makes it virtually odourless. This ensures that your irritation during painting is minimized.

- Enhanced durability: Royale Lustre is specially formulated to be extremely durable, making it last far longer than regular emulsions.

- Rich lustre finish: Offers a rich shimmer to your walls that enhances the interiors of your home. Royale Lustre can be done in a dana finish or a smooth finish.

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  • sheen: high
  • durability

    best in class

  • washability

    best in class

Further Details

  • Anti-yellowing: Normal lustre paint turns yellow with time. Royale Lustre is equipped with anti - yellowing to ensure that the shade on your walls stays the same for years.
  • Teflon surface protector: Fortifies your walls against tough stains, increases durability and reinforces the strength of the paint film. Comparable to the best interior emulsions across the world, it protects your walls against the toughest household and water based stains.
  • Anti-fungal shield: An anti-fungal formulation ensures that your walls remain free from dark spots caused by fungal growth.

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Recommended Application Procedure

Royale Shade Card

Choose from over 1750 special shades of Royale Atmos Luxury Emulsion in our Royale Shade Card.





How much area does Royale Lustre cover?

Royale Lustre covers up to 4 - 4.6 square metre per litre if applied with a honey comb roller or felt roller. While using a sponge roller, it covers 8 - 10 square metre per litre.

How long would Royale Lustre last after application?

Royale Lustre lasts for 5 - 7 years after application.

What is the application procedure for Royale Lustre?

  • Sand the surface with Sand Paper no. 180 to remove the loose particles or dirt and wipe clean
  • Apply a coat of Royale Wall Basecoat or Decoprime Wall Primer ST and allow drying for 6-8 hours
  • Smoothen the surface with coats of Asian Paints Acrylic Wall Putty. Allow drying for 4-6 hours. Sand the surface with Sand Paper No. 180 and wipe clean
  • For Dana Pattern – Mix Decoprime Wall Primer ST and Premium Gloss Enamel White in the ratio of 1:1 by volume. Apply this on the wall and allow to dry for 6-8 hours
  • For Smooth finish - Apply a coat of Royale Wall Basecoat or Decoprime Wall Primer ST and allow drying for 6-8 hours.
  • Sand the surface with Sand Paper No. 320 or 400 and wipe clean
  • For Dana Pattern – Apply Royale Lustre by brush without dilution. Apply it in sections of 3ft by 3ft. Spread paint properly to cover the area. Allow the surface to set for 3-4min. Roll using Honeycomb Roller or Long Nap Thread Roller, depending on the type of pattern required. Recoat using a similar procedure after 4-6 hours
  • For Smooth Finish – Thin 1 litre of Royale Lustre with 200-300ml of water. Apply 2-3 coats with a 4-6 hour gap between coats. Apply using a felt roller.

What kind of finishes does Royale Lustre give?

Royale Lustre gives your walls two type of finishes:

1) Dana Pattern

2) Smooth Finish

What are the recommended tools to apply Royale Lustre?

For a smooth finish, Royale Lustre is to be applied with a Felt roller.

For a Dana pattern, Royale Lustre is to be applied with a Brush and honeycomb roller.

What is the dilution ratio for the ‘dana pattern’ finish?

The Dana Pattern can applied without any dilution with a brush.

What is the dilution ratio for ‘smooth finish’?

The ideal dilution ratio to achieve the ‘Smooth Finish’ can be prepared by adding one litre of Royale Lustre with 200 - 300 ml. of water.

On what kind of surfaces can Royale Lustre be applied?

We recommend using Royale Lustre on interior wall surfaces only.

Does the paint cause any irritation while painting?

Royale Lustre has less odour and uses only water as a solvent. This is why it causes almost no irritation during painting.

In which cities is Royale Lustre available?

Royale Lustre is available in Pune, Kolhapur, Aurangabad and Nashik.