interior putty

The first step of a great paint job is preparing the walls by smoothening them. Level out imperfections and undulations on your wall with our best in its class range of interior putty.

Trucare 2x Primer Putty Mix

TruCare 2X Primer Putty Mix is a water-based putty. It is a unique one of its kind self-primed putty which provides a strong foundation for topcoats and enhances the desired performance of finish paints, both in looks and durability. On applying this putty a primer coat is not required.


Trucare Acrylic Wall Putty

TruCare Acrylic Wall Putty is a water based putty that enhances the durability as well as look of your paints. It is one of the best products in its segment and provides a very strong and long lasting foundation to the finish on your walls.


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