Wall Stencil Designs For Painting by Asian Paints


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Royale Play Wall Fashion

Check out our complete range of stencils curated carefully to help your walls narrate a story.


Do you need special paint for wall stencils?

A finished look with Asian Paints Royale Play Wallfashion stencils can be achieved with the help of desired stencil design, Royale luxury emulsion, masking tape, and a sponge roller. In addition to this, we have Luxe collection stencils which create 3D embossed effects on the wall. These stencils are used with Royale Play Lithos.

How do you get crisp lines when stenciling?

To achieve crisp lines with Royale Play wall stencils for painting, the stencil should be properly placed on the wall and stuck with masking tape. There should not be airy space between the stencil and the wall. Later, use Royale Luxury emulsion on Sponge Roller and roll it over the stencil in sufficient quantity. The high amount of emulsion might lead to smudging. Wash and clean the Asian Paints Royale Play stencils after 3-4 times of use.

What Surface to Stencil on?

Asian Paints Royale Play Texture finish paints are materials available in paste or powdered forms. They are made up of naturally occurring materials like clay, sand, lime, and many more. The composition and chemistry of textured paints help to achieve rough, smooth, semi-polished to glossy surfaces based on the nature of texture paint.

Why Choose Asian Paints Wall Stencils for Painting?

Asian Paints Royale Play Wallfashion brings fresh modern, traditional and artistic wall stencil designs to your home available in thousands of colors. Not only the stencil design but also the quality of the stencil enables users to use it multiple times. The finish you achieve is effortless with Asian Paints stencils and emulsion. These stencils can craft the beautiful memories of stenciling DIY with your families.

What are the range of wall stencils?

Asian Paints Royale Play wall fashion stencils can reignite any space in the home with a wide range of wall stencil designs inspired by nature, ornaments, heritage, geometry, and graphics. We offer modern wall stencils with 3D embossed effects which speak for intricacy and sophistication. Modern wall stencil designs can be achieved with paints and material finishes. Royale Play has curated wall stencil designs inspired by nature celebrating outside beauty inside, by ornaments linking familiar ornate motifs in day-to-day life. A regal collection inspired by European, Mughal, and Indian heritage adds grace to houses while Geometric and graphic modern wall stencil designs help to reimagine any space. 

1. Nature Wall Stencil

Asian Paints Royale Play Nature-oriented stencil designs for wall painting are inspired by flora and fauna which brings the outside beauty inside. From trees to branches, from elephants to butterflies, from roses to grapevines, there is a wall stencil pattern for every bit of nature that inspires you.

2. All Over Wall Stencil

All-over stencil designs for wall painting curated by Asian Paints Royale play are best suited for accent walls in the living room and bedroom walls. All-over bedroom wall stencil designs are created by the diagonal or horizontal placement of motif stencils in continuous space. We have traditional jaal wall stencils and minimalist Geometric jaal walls stencils for sophisticated homes offering an embossed look with textured paints.

3. Borders & Ceiling Wall Stencil

Asian paints Royale Play Wall fashion stencil Regal range offers borders and ceiling stencils that are inspired by a mix of European, Mughal, and Indian heritage influences. these stencil for painting transforms the plane ceiling around fixtures or chandeliers into a graceful artistic piece.

4. Geometric Wall Stencil

Playing with geometry or getting troubled by geometry is integral to every childhood story. Polka dots and honeycomb, diamond and jigsaws, bubbles and hills-geometry lie all around us, waiting for us to take notice and get expired. Wall stencil designs from the Geometric collection of Asian Paints Royale Play wall fashion stencil rearrange these basic shapes into interesting modern designs.

5. Theme based Wall Stencil

Asian paints Royale Play Wallfashion theme-based stencils offer unique designs which allow you to add another dimension to your house. Our wall stencil collection has modern, traditional, and artistic theme wall stencil designs. You can check wall stencils online on Asian Paints website.

6. Ethnic Wall Stencil

Asian Paints Royale Play Wallfashion stencil design natural, ornamental and regal collection covers motifs like elephants, peacock, and lotus; patterns found in village homes showcasing ethnic quotient through borders and jaal patterns. These wall stencils are perfect to give an ethnic touch to contemporary homes.

What exactly is Stencil?

A piece of plastic sheet that has lettering, or a design cut out and is used as a guide to imprint that design on the beautiful surfaces at your home. It comes in 1ft by 1ft, 2ft by 2ft sizes. Stick a Royale Play Wallfashion stencil to the wall and roll Asian Paints emulsion dipped roller on the stencil and get the perfect finished stencil design on the wall.

Can we DIY a wall with an Asian Paints stencil design?

Asian Paints Royale Play Wallfashion stencils are designed with extreme care to facilitate users an easy application. Once you have a stencil with the required design, royale emulsion, and a sponge roller, you are good to go. Stick a stencil to the wall and roll Asian Paints emulsion dipped sponge roller on the stencil and get the perfect finished stencil design on the wall.

Can I use Asian Paints wall fashion stencil multiple times?

Yes, Asian Paints Royale Play Wallfasion stencil can be used multiple times. You simply have to wash the wall stencil after each use. Also, 2-4 pieces are provided to facilitate easy and convenient application. They can be used alternatively

Wall Stencil Designs for Painting


Asian Paints Royale Play Wall stencils for painting offer a humongous range of 200+ stencil designs for wall painting suited for the modern, traditional, and artistic tastes of households. Any space, be a bedroom, living room or kids’ study room can be reignited with stencil wall art. From tree branches, elephants, butterflies, and roses to grapevines, our Nature inspired curated collection brings home an outside beauty. The ornamental collection celebrates ornate motifs like Bells, Zari, lotuses, and more. The regal collection is inspired by European, Mughal, and Indian heritage. The graphic range offers inspiring wall art of unique murals. Geometric wall stencils for painting rearrange shapes like polka dots, diamonds, and jigsaws in interesting modern designs.