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Royale Play offers an array of special effects for the interior walls of your home. Inspired by various themes from around the world, this water-based line of textured wall paint is just a little more special than the rest. Pick from a large variety of textures and add a creative touch to your home.

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Experience a unique interplay of materials and patterns with Asian Paints Royale Play LUXE. Especially curated for the modern home, in a colour palette which is as avantgarde as it is sophisticated. An amalgamation of classy and contemporary, Royale Play LUXE promises to transform to your living spaces.

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What paint is used for texture?

Asian Paints Royale Play Material finishes are used for creating wall texture patterns. Wall color textures are customizable, and the textured paint can be tinted with any colorant to achieve desired shade as per taste. These textured paints are made up of lime-based, stone-based raw materials offering excellent workability and freedom to create intricate and delicate wall texture designs

What is the cost of texture paint?

Asian Paints Royale Play Texture paint prices suit the pocket of the upper middle class, offering the perfect balance of premium outlook and budget. Most textured wall finishes occupy the space on accent walls complementing the existing décor which garners everyone’s attention. This strikes the soft spot of budget-friendly aesthetics. Royale Play offers a wide range of premium to luxury finishes with texture colourat prices suiting all Indian pockets.

What is texture finish paint?

Asian Paints Royale Play Texture finish paints are materials available in paste or powdered forms. They are made up of naturally occurring materials like clay, sand, lime, and many more. The composition and chemistry of textured paints help to achieve rough, smooth, semi-polished to glossy surfaces based on the nature of texture paint.

Which is better wallpaper or texture paint?

Asian Paints Royale Play Textured paint is better than wallpaper since textured wall surfaces offer washability and stain resistance. Unlike wallpapers, Royale Play texture paint designs can be continued on curved walls giving a seamless finished look. These textured wall finishes speak luxury and classy taste in their outlook. wall texture patterns offer uniqueness to showcase in the social circle, unlike wallpapers.

Which room surface suit best for textured paints?

Asian Paints Royale Play wall color textures offer a wide range suiting all interior surfaces. It can enhance the accent wall with an artistic touch as well as can be applied on all plain surfaces, corners, and curved surfaces communicating seamless elegance and craftsmanship. Royale Play Archi concrete textures can be applied on both interiors and exteriors, which offers raw sophistication in appearance.

What are the range of textured wall paint designs?

Asian Paints Royale Play offers a wide range of luxury wall texture paints to modernize Indian homes. These imported international wall textured paints offer finishes that communicate raw sophistication with concrete finishes, timeless tradition with artistic clay finishes, perfect imperfection with rustic and metal finishes, and versatile beauty with stone finishes. These wall texture patterns can transform plain walls into something delightful, dazzling, spellbinding, and more. With these modern wall textures, every wall and every house speaks a story of its own.

1. Premium Finish

Asian Paints Royale Play premium wall texture patterns add unique character to the interior walls. These premium textured wall finishes are offered in a wide subtle and sophisticated texture color palate complementing the existing décor of the space.

2. Luxury Finish

Luxury modern wall textures curated by Asian Paints Royale Play bring an international design touch to your homes. Wall2Floor modern textured paint offers seamless beauty to the walls and floors which redefines luxury. Metals have spoken wealth since ancient times and royale play luxury metallic range wall texture paints communicates the wealth in luxury homes.

What are the advantages of asian paints textured wall colour paints?

Asian Paints Royale Play textured wall paints are highly customizable in designs and colors. These are long-lasting and washable yet elegant, communicating timeless beauty. The intricacy of the royale play textured wall finishes communicates the taste of modern and sophisticated choices. These modern texture paints can be applied on continuous and curved spaces, unlike wallpapers.

How are Royale Play textured paints different than normal paints?

Asian Paints Royale Play Textured paints come in paste form offering the freedom of creating various wall texture designs which are an amalgamation of imagination and artistry. These interior textured wall designs give 3D nature to the surfaces showcasing intricacy in a design. 

Can Royale Play textured paints be applied on curved and exterior walls?

Being acrylic, textured paints are less prone to cracks. It forms a flexible film and can be applied on curved surfaces with ease, unlike the cement-based variants that form a brittle film. Archi Concrete for exteriors is anti-algal hence the occurrence of dark spots/patches on the surface is avoided.  It is completely washable and stain resistant.

Textured Paint Designs


Asian Paints Royale Play texture paint designs bring to life the innate beauty of Concrete, Clay, Stone, Rusted surfaces, and Metal, creating design aesthetics that are innovative and inspiring. Raw yet refined Archi concrete texture wall designs make a bold new statement. Its unfinished texture lends an industrial edge to spaces. Calcecruda clay finishes talk the tales of artistry with their classic designs. Rustic and metal wall texture patterns bring the beauty of rust in aesthetic form. Texture paint finishes inspired by stone enhances the ambiance of space with its natural charm. These interior texture designs are available in a variety of hues and effects.