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A nightstand or bedside table is symbolic of utility and style in the bedroom. These creative pieces offer functionality in terms of storage as well as bind the interiors of the bedroom together at Beautiful Homes Service.


Wardrobes take on the challenging responsibility of syncing the décor of your bedroom to your space requirements. Sleek and elegant Beautiful Homes Service wardrobes add the finishing touch to your bedroom’s style.


Beautiful Homes Service Wooden flooring gives any style of interior design the perfect foundation. It makes the bedroom symmetrical and visually appealing.

Walk in closet

Walk-in closets provide an enthralling as well as convenient experience to your dressing needs. From luxurious to contemporary designs, these significantly enhance your bedroom’s appearance at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Services.


A refined bed is what holds all the elements of a bedroom together. Beds should focus on their quality of comfort and soothing aesthetic. A good bed should guarantee an equally good night’s sleep.



The bedroom should be a haven and a place of rejuvenation. While designing bedrooms, Beautiful Homes Service experts pay close attention to its colour schemes, textures, furnishings, flooring and so on to make your bedroom a true reflection of yourself.



What is the best way to design a bedroom?

The most private rooms of our house are our bedrooms and for many of us it is a reflection of our tastes and lifestyle that we would want to showcase through our interiors. While designing a bedroom is different for each person, we have listed some of the keyways in which you can select basis your preferences. Firstly, when designing your dream home, let not the space constraint bother you. Rather list down all the items you realistically need and begin to work out on the way you can organize your room. Large pieces of furniture and closets often leave an extra space in the corner which lefts ignored, these nooks and corners can be used to place utilitarian objects or even cozy elements. If you have the space for it, extend your plans for the interior design of bedroom—beyond furnishing it with only a conventional bed, dresser and closet space—by also including a sitting area or mini  This will not only serve as a wonderful spot to have a beverage and gather your thoughts at the start of the day , but can also serve as a space for you to chill and relax in the privacy of your own room. Wardrobe style and type play an important part in the overall décor of the room. With open walk-in closets, clear glass doors and slated front cupboards your personal items and fashion choices can become an integral part of the room décor as well. Lastly, for many a bedroom design is incomplete without some form of art that tells a unique story. One could choose a bold statement piece to dictate the style of the room, or chest of drawers or even an old valuable heirloom that holds sentimental value—the aim is narrating a story or history with the art you choose.

Which color is best for bedroom?

We believe bedroom is a personal space where we can unwind after a log day and help us escape the daily hustle bustle of our busy life.  Color and design of the bedroom should be based on personal requirements of the occupants. Pale pastels and bright colors become a wonderful choice for toddlers. For Pre-teens, bright colour combinations like white and blue, with touches of tangerine, or a combination of grey, pale pink and lemon yellow are often a big hit. Adults usually like to go for soothing colors that help them relax. Mint green, Lilac, Soft pink are few options which people prefer along with a highlight wall with a wallpaper or texture displaying their taste and personality. At Beautiful Homes Service, our expert designers take time to understand a customer’s taste and personality and accordingly help interior design a bedroom best suited for the customer.

Do you provide customized bedrooms or pre-designed bedrooms?

We understand that every individual is unique and so are his tastes and preferences. Beautiful Homes Service offers customized solutions for your bedroom interior decor requirements. Our expert designers have a discussion with you in detail to understand your needs and help you design a space that is in sync with your preferences and tastes.

Can I offer suggestions during the bedroom design process?

Absolutely.  We value customer suggestions and feedback deeply. Our designer will talk to you in detail to understand your requirements and help you design a space that suit your personality and taste. 

Why seek interior design services for the bedroom?

Our expert designers employ a fine sense of design and precision to execute your dream home. This ensures that your bedroom design is entirely personalised. Apart from that, you are totally involved in the designing process; our exclusive 3D software helps you visualize the entire design and helps you to envision your dream bedroom interiors and make changes in real time. You are also assured of expert project management and a completely professional experience while we create your beautiful home.

Do you provide furniture and decor as part of your bedroom interior design packages?

Yes, we do. We do end-to end interior designing and execution of your house which includes furniture, furnishings, décor accessories, decorative lighting, civil work, and painting.

What bedroom accessories can you provide?

We provide an exhaustive range of furnishings, decorative lighting and décor accessories ranging across different styles and budgets. There is surely something for everyone.

How many days does it take for a bedroom to take shape?

End-to-End designing and execution can be completed within 45 days *

Do you provide after-sales service for bedrooms?

We have a dedicated helpline to handle after services sales support. Customers can reach out to us on 1800-266-2079.

Does the service provide a warranty on bedroom interiors?

Our products and services come with a warranty up to 10 years*. Please get in touch with our customer experience Specialist (CES) or design expert to understand in detail on warranty on our different products.

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