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Asian Paints is the pioneer in modular kitchens in India. Our factory-fitted kitchens come pre-drilled, making the installation hassle-free. Our Kitchens are crafted out of the best quality materials and hardware selected from all over the world to suit your needs & decor style.

Sleek’s durable kitchens come with a 10-year warranty. This warranty is applicable only for kitchens sold by Sleek International Pvt.Ltd. ("Sleek") or its authorized dealers, and the kitchen installation has been supervised by Sleek's authorized representatives.

To avail this warranty, the client needs to register the complaint on 1800-2120-500 or on our website Our service team will then get in touch with the client and schedule a technician visit to proceed with resolution based on the issue.

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Equip your kitchen interior with a wide variety of modules, available in different sizes and kitchen finishes. Get the perfect base kitchen cabinets, wall units, pull-outs, tall units, open cabinets and breakfast counters to complement your kitchen design.


Give your kitchen interior a striking makeover with shutters in vibrant shades or paler, sophisticated hues, available in high gloss or matt finish in various surface like acrylics, laminates, veneers and glass.


Choose from a range Beautiful Homes Interior Service innovative and functional accessories that enhance your cooking experience.


At Beautiful Homes Interior Service select from a range of hardware that helps your kitchen function better and remain sturdy for years.


Make cooking efficient and enjoyable with our range of state-of-the-art appliances by Beautiful Homes Interior Service.


Modular Kitchen Design for Your Home

Step into a world of personalized kitchen interior design where your vision, lifestyle, and budget take center stage. Our expert design team is dedicated to crafting the perfect kitchen that resonates with your unique taste and needs. From contemporary chic to timeless elegance, we offer a diverse range of styles that blend functionality seamlessly with captivating aesthetics.

Prepare to be delighted not just by the meals you create but by the kitchen itself. With our services, you'll embark on a journey to transform your kitchen into a modern marvel that reflects your personality and elevates your culinary experiences. Let's begin this delightful adventure together and create a kitchen that truly feels like home.


Why should one get a modular kitchen?

Modular kitchens have several benefits over traditional designs as they are constructed keeping modern day challenges in mind. Main aim of modular kitchen design is to maximize space and utilize the given space more efficiently. It is also very easy to maintain it. Modular kitchens are also easy to install and can be customized as per your choice. Sleek Kitchens by Asian Paints offer up to 10 years Warranty on their products*

The modular kitchen design is a contemporary and practical solution for modern homes, offering numerous advantages over traditional kitchens. Its key appeal lies in its customizable and pre-fabricated components, which can be easily assembled to fit any kitchen layout. With a wide range of designs, colors, and materials available, modular kitchens offer versatility and flexibility, enabling homeowners to create a kitchen that reflects their style and meets their functional needs. These kitchens maximize storage space, facilitate efficient organization, and are easier to clean and maintain. Whether you have a compact or spacious kitchen, opting for a modular kitchen design ensures a seamless blend of aesthetics and convenience.

What are the types of modular kitchens?

Modular kitchen interiors are of 5 main types such as straight modular kitchen, U and C shaped modular kitchens, L shaped modular kitchen, parallel modular kitchen, and island modular kitchen. There may be situations in which none of the 5 major styles perfectly fit your needs. At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Service, we ensure that we create modern kitchen designs that fit your special needs to give you a personalized experience.

How do I visualize the proposed design of my house?

Our Interior Designer would help you visualize and create the 3D Designs of the house in real time over our best-in-class 3D Visualizer. You can work with the designer to make the necessary changes and try different options to understand what suits you best. Besides this the Interior Designer will also get you the 2D designs of your house that help you envision the space.

Which cities are we active in?

As of now, we are active in 9 cities pan India. They are Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. We are also active in selected pincodes of Coimbatore. Please fill out the form to know if your area is serviceable.

What are the other services provided?

We offer complete end to end designing and execution of the kitchen décor & interiors of a house which includes furniture, furnishings, decorative lighting, modular kitchens, accessories, painting and civil. Everything is created with expert precision keeping in mind your taste and style, making it completely personalized to fit your needs. Our best-in-class exclusive 3D visualizer is something that can help you visualize your dream home and make changes to it in real time. Besides this expert project management and a completely professional experience ensures that you have a smooth ride whilst we create your Beautiful Home.

Why are modular kitchens better than traditional kitchens?

Modular kitchens have gained popularity due to their inherent benefits over traditional kitchens. Unlike fixed designs in traditional setups, modular kitchens offer flexible layouts and easy customization. Their pre-fabricated components save time and labor during installation. Additionally, modular kitchens are more space-efficient, allowing for clever storage solutions and optimized organization. 

They often incorporate modern fittings and accessories, enhancing functionality and user experience. Moreover, modular kitchens are durable, as high-quality materials are used in their construction, ensuring longevity. Overall, their adaptability, practicality, and contemporary designs make them a superior choice for modern homeowners.

How to Choose the Best Design for Your Kitchen?

Choosing the best kitchen design is crucial to create a functional and visually appealing space that suits your needs. Start by assessing your lifestyle and cooking habits to determine the layout and features you require. Consider the available space and explore various modular kitchen designs that optimize storage and workflow. Pay attention to color schemes, materials, and finishes to achieve a cohesive look. Collaborate with our kitchen interior design experts to bring your vision to life and ensure a well-planned and aesthetically pleasing modular kitchen that perfectly complements your home.

What Are Some Tips to Consider During Installation of Modular Kitchen Design?

Planning for a successful and efficient modular kitchen design installation that elevates your home's functionality and style can be a bit difficult but here are some tips to follow to make the Installation of Modular Kitchen Design a bit easier -

• Plan Efficient Layout: Assess your space and create a well-balanced kitchen design layout based on your needs and cooking habits.

• Customize for You: Utilize the flexibility of modular designs to customize cabinets and storage solutions according to your requirements.

• Choose Durable Materials: Opt for durable and moisture-resistant materials for cabinets and countertops.

• Proper Lighting: Incorporate task and ambient lighting to create a well-lit and inviting kitchen space.

• Functional Appliances: Select appliances that fit seamlessly and fulfill your cooking needs.

• Aesthetics and Cohesion: Choose a cohesive color scheme and design elements that blend with your home's style.

• Easy Maintenance: Prioritize easy-to-clean surfaces for hassle-free upkeep.

• Professional Installation: Hire experienced professionals to ensure accurate measurements and seamless assembly.

• Check Plumbing and Electrical: Verify plumbing and electrical connections for proper positioning.

• Test Functionality: Before completion, check that all components work smoothly, including drawers, doors, and appliances.

Wahe Are The Top Kitchen Components & Appliances for Your Modular Kitchen?

Step into the realm of modern kitchen design! Discover the key components that form the backbone of a stylish and functional modular kitchen. From versatile base units to space-saving wall units, we'll unveil the secrets to a well-organized and visually appealing kitchen interior. Ready to elevate your cooking space to new heights of efficiency and elegance? Let's dive in and explore the top kitchen components and appliances that will transform your kitchen into a culinary masterpiece!

1. Base units

Base units are an essential component of modular kitchen design, providing the foundation for your kitchen layout. These units are installed on the floor and typically consist of cabinets and drawers. They offer ample storage space for kitchen essentials like cookware, utensils, and small appliances. Base units come in various widths and depths, allowing you to customize your kitchen according to available space and requirements. With a wide range of finishes and materials available, you can find base units that perfectly complement your kitchen interior, adding both functionality and style to your culinary space.

2. Wall units

Wall units are designed to optimize vertical space in your modular kitchen. Installed above the countertops, these units provide additional storage for items like spices, jars, and tableware. Wall units are available in different sizes and configurations, allowing you to tailor them to your kitchen's layout. They not only offer practical storage solutions but also add a sense of visual balance to the kitchen interior. From sleek, contemporary designs to classic and ornate styles, wall units come in a variety of finishes to blend seamlessly with your overall kitchen design, creating a cohesive and organized culinary space.

3. Semi-tall units

Semi-tall units bridge the gap between base units and tall units in your modular kitchen. They are taller than base units but not as tall as full-height tall units. Semi-tall units offer versatile storage options, making them ideal for housing kitchen appliances like ovens and microwaves, as well as pantry items or cleaning supplies. These units efficiently utilize vertical space while maintaining easy access to frequently used items. With their functional design and aesthetic appeal, semi-tall units contribute to a well-planned kitchen interior, ensuring a clutter-free and efficient cooking environment.

4. Tall units

Tall units are the ultimate storage solution for your modular kitchen, offering generous vertical space for organizing a variety of items. These units extend from floor to ceiling, providing ample room for pantry storage, bulky appliances, and kitchenware. Tall units often feature pull-out drawers or swing-out shelves for easy accessibility. They are particularly beneficial for small kitchens, as they maximize storage without occupying much floor space. With sleek, handle-less designs or stylish handles to choose from, tall units complement the overall kitchen interior while efficiently concealing and organizing all your culinary necessities.

What Are Some Popular Modular Kitchen Themes Based on Materials?
1. Wooden Kitchen Design
Wooden kitchen designs exude a timeless and classic charm. They are sought after for their warm and inviting ambiance. Incorporating wooden cabinets, countertops, and flooring, this theme blends natural elements seamlessly. The versatility of wood allows for various finishes, such as oak, maple, or teak, enabling customization to match different interior styles. Whether it's a rustic farmhouse or a contemporary kitchen, wooden designs add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space.
2. Acrylic Modular Kitchen Design

Acrylic modular kitchens are all about modernity and sleek aesthetics. These designs feature glossy, smooth surfaces that reflect light, creating a bright and spacious feel. The high-gloss finish of acrylic cabinets and countertops makes them easy to clean and maintain. Available in a wide range of vibrant colors, they allow homeowners to experiment with bold and trendy kitchen interiors. Acrylic modular kitchens are ideal for those seeking a stylish, contemporary look that maximizes both functionality and visual appeal.

3. Aluminium Modular Kitchen Design

Aluminium modular kitchens epitomize modernity, functionality, and efficiency. With their lightweight yet durable nature, aluminium cabinets and accessories are highly practical and long-lasting. The sleek metallic appearance complements a minimalist and industrial kitchen interior design. Additionally, aluminium is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it a suitable choice for kitchen spaces, especially in areas with high humidity. Its clean lines and futuristic appeal make it a popular choice for those who appreciate a cutting-edge kitchen atmosphere.

4. PVC Kitchen Design

PVC modular kitchen designs are a budget-friendly option that doesn't compromise on style. PVC cabinets, available in various colors and patterns, offer versatility and can mimic the appearance of wood or other materials. As a water-resistant material, PVC is perfect for kitchen spaces, ensuring durability and easy maintenance. The modular aspect of these designs allows for easy customization and quick installation. PVC kitchen designs are ideal for homeowners looking for affordable, contemporary kitchen solutions without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

With these popular modular kitchen themes based on different materials, Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Service provides a diverse range of choices to cater to your personal preferences and create a kitchen that perfectly complements your lifestyle and culinary needs.

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