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A sofa is the centerpiece of a living room which elevates its ambience. The styles can vary, from sophisticated to cozy, thereby fulfilling different purposes, be it snooze time or family time. Beautiful Homes Service focus on sofas that can be raided with memories and love.

Tv Cabinet

A TV cabinet should be more than just about the television you own. Modern TV cabinets are a welcome substitute to drab tables and walls. Today, they serve as an elegant and multifunctional piece of furniture itself.

Centre table

Centre or coffee tables can range from sleek metal ones to rustic wooden ones. These not only keep your living room orderly but also accentuate its interiors. A centre table is an essential component to your living room design.


A living room makes the first impression for your guests. It dictates the style of your house through inimitable pieces of furniture, hues and textures. We, at Asian Paints ‘Beautiful Homes’ bring vivacity to your living rooms by personally choosing furnishing that best suits your vision and requirements.

Dining Table

A dining table is a constant component irrespective of the style of the living room. Unique dining sets can effortlessly blend into your interiors and completely transform and personalize your space. Quality dining tables are sturdy and impeccable to host dinners and brunches.


A living room makes the first impression for your guests. It dictates the style of your house through inimitable pieces of furniture, hues and textures. We, at ‘Beautiful Homes’ bring vivacity to your living rooms by personally choosing furnishing that best suits your vision and requirements.




What are different living room styles?

There are umpteen ways in which we can design your living room, but certain things should be a constant: the interiors of your living room interior must be elegant, comfortable and receive ample natural light. A living room is a much-used versatile space—a place for family to get together, a bit of TV viewing or a comfortable reading space before calling it a night, a space to entertain guests. It also defines the kind of style you want to carry throughout your house. So it’s important to figure out the best-suited interior design for your living room.  

There are plethora of styles to choose when it comes to designing living room interiors.

Classic: This style of an interior design of living room is characterized by, bold colours, rich materials and more elaborate forms. Living room interior design in this style have bright color palette and will give a warm feeling

Modern: Famous in the 1950s and 1960s, the modernist style living room gives equal importance to aesthetics and functionality . The interior design for a living room in this style would mean more natural colours and materials (cottons, for instance) and less clutter, minimal decorative accents, clean-lined furniture, and an inclination towards simplicity. White color is predominantly used in this style

Minimal: As the word suggests , Less is more in the minimalist style living room. Elegance is defined more through simple design than decorative flourishes and the muted colours are pared down to monochromatic or dual tones. The furniture is functional with clean lines and the space more open with few accessories. 

Contemporary: This is the style that developed in the second half of the 20th century as a distinction to the modern style. Such contemporary living room interiors are all about colors and curved lines mixed with natural materials. Pattern play and geometric designs are a specialty in such designs 

Rustic:  Rustic design imbibes organic, natural and warm feeling designs. A rustic style for your living room interior design is a lot about going back to nature. Using materials in their natural, raw forms, such as, wooden flooring, exposed red brick etc.

Industrial: It is finding a clever way to get the typical distressed warehouse look in the interior design of the living room. Exposed concrete exposed red brick, deco accessories that have a utilitarian appeal and vintage items are what an interior design for a living room in this style would be all about. The challenge lies in making this look elegant and welcoming.

What are best colors for living room?

In today’s world we have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a color for the living room. Since living room is the biggest room and first room of the house in most cases, it becomes very important in choosing the correct color schemes which sets the tone for the entire house.

Here are few color theme suggestions and how they help in beautifying our room

a) Wall paint color to calm the soul: Colors like blue, green help bring in an element of nature into any kind of décor. It is purposeful and strong yet restful and calming at the same time. 

b) Color that brings radiant and energy: Bright colors like orange, yellow, etc. tend to bring an energy into the room. They are a good choice as they are resolute and uplifting during the day but can create a relaxed and cozy environment during the night.

c) Color that is an all-time favorite: White color is a color that can come along with any furniture and accessories in the living room interior design. It provides a sense of simplicity to the entire décor.

d) Color that makes a bold statement: Colors like red, purple, etc. give a bold statement to the house and can give off an air of sophistication and glamour when used correctly 

e) Colors that are soft and welcoming: Neutral browns like beige, velvety taupe is a versatile shade that looks neat and tailored during the day and becomes welcoming and soft during the night

At Beautiful Homes Service, our experts strive to make your interior design reflect your personality. We take time to understand your interior design requirements in detail and use our expertise and 3D software to help you visualize the final look and help you create a home with walls that are classy, make a statement and will stand the test of time.

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