Components of a Pooja Room


This central element, housing the deity's idol or image, is typically placed at eye level to maintain focus and reverence.

Lighting Fixtures

Adequate and appropriate lighting is crucial. This includes ambient lighting to set the mood, as well as focused lighting on the deity or sacred symbols.

Wallpaper and Wall Decal

Incorporating religious symbols, scriptures, or artistic representations through wallpapers and wall decals helps enhance the spiritual atmosphere of the pooja room.


Designing storage solutions for puja accessories like incense, candles, and prayer beads ensures a clutter-free and organized space.

Seating Arrangement

If space allows, including a comfortable seating arrangement for family members during prayers or meditation helps add a communal aspect to the pooja room.


There are times when we yearn for a sense of inner peace and tranquillity, and often this can be achieved through a visit to a temple. However, it is not always possible to visit a temple in person. At Asian Paints, we understand this need and are dedicated to bringing the essence and atmosphere of a temple to your very own home. Our pooja room designs, which are both intricate and simple, cater to the needs of those who desire a dedicated pooja room or a small space within a room. We are committed to providing you with a space of serenity and calm through our Pooja Room Designs.

Importance Of Pooja Room In House

The Pooja room is a crucial element in spreading positive energy throughout the home. It is often considered the centre of vibrant and positive energy, playing a pivotal role in the household. Whenever we are in distress or not feeling our best, we often visit the mandir in our homes to feel peaceful and calm. Therefore, the pooja room plays an important role in our daily lives.

What are the different types of Pooja Room Designs?

There are various Pooja Room Designs that cater to diverse preferences. ​​A mandir design on the wall saves space, while standalone cabinets offer versatility. Traditional designs feature ornate carvings, and contemporary styles prioritise minimalism. Compact puja corners within rooms are popular, and customizations in materials, colours, and lighting enhance pooja room interior design options.

What are the best Pooja Room Colours?

Colours play a crucial role when it comes to Pooja Room design, the colours chosen often create the environment required for the Pooja Room interior design. Our suggestion would be to go with the basic white shades like eggshell, cream, ivory, and others. You can also explore pastel shades available in the colour catalogue, like light pink, light blue, lavender, and more.

Which Flooring Material should be used for Pooja Room?

When it comes to choosing the flooring material for your home temple design or puja room design, the same thumb rule applies to the colour palette. You have the option of the timeless White Marble or Granite flooring, which imparts a clean and spacious look. Alternatively, you can opt for a more traditional appearance with wooden or cement flooring. Deciding on the right flooring material is crucial as it adds to the overall aesthetic of the Home Temple Design.

How to Design a Pooja Room Interior on a Budget?

Here are 3 Ways you can Design a Puja Room Design on a Budget - 

- Space Optimization: Maximise your budget-friendly pooja room interior design by utilising existing furniture or repurposing things.

- DIY Decor: Craft personalised decor items like paper lanterns, rangoli, and wall art, for your new mandir design for home without overspending.

- Minimalist Aesthetics: Opt for a simple, clutter-free layout and consider using wallpaper to create an elegant yet cost-effective pooja space.

What is the best direction for Pooja Room according to Vastu?

For an ideal Pooja Room Interior Design per Vastu, the northeast, north, or east directions are considered the best. However, we advise you to consult a Vastu expert for personalised guidance on optimising your home's pooja room layout, ensuring spiritual harmony and positive energy flow.

Why choose a Pooja Room Designer by Asian Paints?

The Pooja Room Designer service offered by Asian Paints is the perfect choice for those who seek a serene and spiritually uplifting space in their homes. Our expert designers craft an interior design that balances simplicity and intricacy, acknowledging the room's spiritual importance. We also aspire to make your Puja Room Design, not just a physical area but a sanctuary that fosters inner peace and meditation, truly enhancing your daily life.

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