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At Beautiful Homes Service, experience contactless expert online design consultation. In these times, we all are following the protocol and staying home to be safe. However, that need not stop you from getting your ideas and plans together for your new beautiful home. We have moved all our design discussions and expert consultations to a safe and convenient online medium. Get started now!

Why choose our services?


Design Experts

Just like you, your home interior designs should be the best! Which is why, when you decide to refresh your home interior design, our panel of experienced interior designers help you visualize and execute your vision. They help create a perfect blend of your design aesthetic and practical necessities to create beautiful home designs.


Personalized Service

You have a style that’s unique to your personality. And your house interior designs should portray that! With Beautiful Homes Service you get custom home designs, tailor-made furniture, handpicked furnishings, customized lighting and much more that will help you transform your house into the home of your dreams. 


End-to-End Service

Creating the home of your dreams can be stressful. At Beautiful Homes Service our interior design services provide you a seamless design service; right from the home design plans to the final execution. So, sit back and relax while we design your dream house.


Project Management

As an interior design company, we value your time. And so, right from the creation of the house design plan to project delivery you get regular updates. Our professional supervision ensures that you get a hassle-free and memorable experience.


Professional Execution

We use a well-established execution process with a robust project management framework to ensure a high quality, on time execution of your home interior designs!


Signature Walls

With Beautiful Homes Service you get the best-in-class painting products from Asian Paints and stand out Nilaya wall coverings to ensure that you get beautiful striking walls!


Beautiful Homes Service provides you end-to-end interior designing service: from Design Creation to Professional Execution. We undertake stringent safety measures on the field to ensure that the customer is safe and healthy while he gets his dream home created for him.



Personalised Interior Design Solutions 


Will the people entering the house be wearing masks? Who will provide these masks?

Yes. Anyone who enters the house will need to wear masks. These masks and protective equipment will be provided by the Beautiful Homes Service team at no additional cost to you.

How will you ensure the safety of the material entering into the Beautiful Homes Service site?

For new material delivered at the site, materials would be unloaded at Ground floor/Parking area/Near entry gate for disinfection before labors carry the materials to project site. Any new material would be brought into the site only after due cooldown period or sanitization.

How will you ensure that the people working at the site are Covid-free and safe?

All the details of the Covid Safety will be instructed to the people working at the Beautiful Homes Service site. Besides this, we will have special supervisors for close monitoring and implementation of the set safety rules and regulations.

How will the site sanitization be done? Will I need to provide the sanitizer?

All Project areas will be sanitized/fumigated everyday,twice, 3 hrs prior to start of working hours. This is done to ensure that the site is safe. The customer need not worry about getting the sanitizer because that will be provided by the Beautiful Homes Service team.

Who will ensure that the safety measures you have implemented are followed?

All the details of the Covid Safety will be instructed to the people working at the Beautiful Homes Service site. Besides this, we will have special supervisors for close monitoring and implementation of the set safety rules and regulations.

How will you ensure social distancing during the site execution?

To ensure social distancing, we will be working at the site with a reduced workforce, according to the government directive. We will also be ensuring staggered lunch hours to ensure that social distancing is maintained during that time as well. We will also create markings at all crowd gathering places to facilitate social distancing.

How will you ensure that the people entering the site are not a health risk?

A thorough screening mechanism will be put in place to ensure that everyone who enters the house is not a health risk. Gate Level Temperature scanning through infrared thermometer will be done for all  the visitors. We will also ensure that everyone entering the site has the Aarogya setu app installed to ensure better tracking as well. We will also be disinfecting the hands at the gate of anyone entering by using a sanitizer.

Who do I contact if I am concerned about the safety of the site once the work has begun?

The Customer Service Officer will be the point of contact who can help you with any queries you have about your site. He will assuage all your doubts and concerns and ensure implementation of any corrective measures that are needed.