Why Colour Ideas

Your wall reflects who you are, what you like and above all it reflects the lifestyle that you live day-in and day-out.  With Colour Ideas stores, we help you pick your perfect paint without having to compromise on your favourite colours. It’s a one stop shop for all your painting needs.

Colour Ideas stores are bringing new dimensions in the world of wall painting. Gone are the days when painting was seen as a job to be left to the experts, when painting meant weaving out the entire look of your room as per imagination. Today, Colour Ideas is crafted by internationally acclaimed retail design firms, and offers you right mix of inspiration and detail, with special panels for special effects, latest finishes, and trendy colour combinations.


What to Expect

Delivering above all

Now be assured that your painting experience is as joyful and intriguing as the thought of colouring your dream home. From expert consultants equipped to give you the best customized colour suggestions, to trained applicators who would turn your imagination to reality, Colour Idea is a one stop shop for all your painting needs. What’s more, with the Colour Visualizer, you have the option to visualize how your favorite colours would look on the walls, prior to painting; an unmatched service that sets us above all.


Delivering beyond expectations

Colour Idea Store offers you FREE Colour Consultancy Services from colour experts that help you with the best colour suggestions for your walls, as per your preferences. 

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