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  • About Ultima Protek

    The brand Ultima Protek stands for the 'Gold Standard of Exterior Luxury Emulsion'

    The unique Lamination Guard Technology of Ultima Protek is a one stop solution for providing protection against sun and rain along with the promise of 10 years of performance warranty, making it the exterior emulsion designed to meet the needs of exterior in Tamil Nadu. 





    The Fibre in Ultima Protek base coat forms a protective mesh to provide the adequate crack bridging property along with waterproofing for the exterior walls.

    10 years Warranty

    10 years Warranty

    Ultima Protek comes with a promise of 10 years of performance warranty.



    The only exterior emulsion in India that comes with Teflon for exteriors, which provides excellent washability and finish. 

    Environmentally Responsible

    Environmentally Responsible

    This product is formulated without carcinogens, heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, arsenic) and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APEOs), and complies with the VOC limits specified in the GS-11 Standard.

    Crack Bridging

    Crack Bridging

    Ultima Protek film has significantly higher elongation and comes with unique fibre reinforcement thereby offering a unique crack bridging ability of upto 2mm.

    Structural Protection

    Structural Protection

    Ultima Protek System has excellent CO2 diffusion (carbonation) resistance & prevents the corrosion of rebar within the concrete matrix, leading to superior structural protection.


    Is there a warranty on Ultima Protek ? If yes, what does it cover?

    Apex Ultima Protek System is a high performance painting system that offers a 10 year durability (colour retention & film integrity) warranty and a unique 6 year waterproofing and 5 year anti-algal warranty. The first of its kind, the warranty covers product performance against not just fading, flaking and peeling but also covers blisters, splits, tears and excessive weathering of the paint film and prevents external water ingress through vertical walls. The same is applicable only if the recommended procedures are followed as detailed in the Product Information Sheet and the Warranty booklet. The warranty is a mark of reassurance from Asian Paints on the purchase of the product. Please call on our toll free number 1800-209-5678 to register your warranty.


    What does Apex Ultima Protek consist of?

    Apex Ultima Protek consists of a Top Coat and Base Coat. The Base Coat has to be applied as an undercoat and cannot be tinted. Apex Ultima Protek Top Coat, applied over Apex Ultima Protek Base coat can be tinted to achieve the desired shade.

    What are the basic conditions to get a warranty?

    The basic requirements to get a warranty include a purchase of  atleast 40 litres of Ultima Protek Base Coat and 20 litres of Ultima Protek Top Coat. 

    How long will it take to get the warranty certificate? also, will a single warranty document be provided?

    Yes, both the warranties will be covered in a single warranty document and it will take 15 days for the certificate to arrive.

    How do i register for the Apex Ultima Protek warranty?

    The Ultima Protek warranty registration process is very simple. A call has to be made on our Asian Paints Helpline 1800-209-5678 to register the warranty. All information will be logged and then a warranty registration number will be provided for future reference.

    How much area does Apex Ultima Protek cover?

    In the case of Base Coat, 1 self-priming coat of Protek will cover 60 square feet per litre and 1 protective undiluted coat of Protek will cover 50 to 55 square feet per litre. However, for Top Coat, it will cover 55 to 65 square feet per litre for 2 coats. For every 1 litre of Apex Ultima Protek Topcoat, you need to apply approximately 2 litres of Base coat.

    Can a waterproofing warranty be provided, if any other waterproofing product has been used?

    The warranty will only be provided where Smartcare Damp Proof has been used on horizontal surfaces.

    How long will Apex Ultima Protek last after application?

    The life span of Apex Ultima Protek is 10 years.

    What is the painting procedure for Apex Ultima Protek?

    To apply Apex Ultima Protek, clean the surface thoroughly with a water jet and wire brush to remove loose particles and algal growth. If any minor surface cracks, fix it with the Asian Paints SmartCare Crack Seal. To level the surface, apply Asian Wall Putty if required. After this, Base Coat Application has to be done. Apply the first coat of Apex Ultima Protek base coat. Mix one litre Apex Ultima Protek (Base coat) with 300 ml. of water. Then apply a second coat of Apex Ultima Protek (Base Coat). This coat is to be applied undiluted. Ensure coverage of 30-35 square feet per litre for 2 coats. Lastly, apply Top Coat on the surface with the desired shade of Ultima Protek. Mix 1 litre of Apex Ultima Protek Top coat with 400 ml. of water and apply 2 coats of Apex Ultima Protek Top coat over the base coat. Allow a drying time of 4 hours between coats.

    Do we need to apply asian wall putty before Ultima Protek?

    No, the application of Asian Wall Putty is not recommended as the hold of Apex Ultima Protek base coat is much better on the surface as compared to Putty. Also, if there is a failure in the putty application, the warranty will not remain valid. However, if Asian Wall putty is to be applied to level the surface, a thin coat (less than 1.5 mm) can be applied.

    Can Apex Ultima Protek system be applied on horizontal surfaces?

    We cannot use Protek on horizontal surfaces as this product is specially developed for vertical walls. Asian Paints Smartcare Damp Proof can be applied on horizontal surfaces.

    Can the application of Apex Ultima Protek take care of structural cracks?

    No, this product can’t take care of structural cracks. This paint, with its unique crack bridging ability, can ensure that cracks do not appear at the surface of up to 2 mm.

    Can Apex Ultima Protek be applied in the interiors?

    This paint cannot be used for interiors because it consists of UV Surface Cross-Linking Technology and in the absence of UV Radiation, the paint will not provide the desired finish.

    Can Apex Ultima Protek system be applied on rough cement surfaces?

    Yes, Apex Ultima Protek can be used on rough cement plaster.

    How long can the apex ultima base coat be exposed before applying the top coat?

    The Base Coat can be left exposed for 7 - 10 days before the application of the Top Coat.

    Can smartcare bio block be mixed with the Ultima Protek base coat and applied?

    Smartcare Bio Block is to be used as a separate layer wherever required. It cannot be mixed or diluted.

    Can smartcare exterior sealer be mixed with Ultima Protek base coat and applied?

    No, it cannot be mixed with Ultima Protek Base Coat.