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Sourav Ganguly, on Where The Heart Is, Season 2 Watch Sourav Ganguly, India’s most loved cricketer, Bengal’s pride but most of all a child at heart, take you through his life’s unforgettable journey along with the house where his heart hinges and a surprise that you will cherish.

The second season of Asian Paints ‘Where The Heart Is’ couldn’t have begun with a bigger bang! Sourav Ganguly warmly welcomes us all to where he has lived since he was born. It is his refuge, his happy place.

The City of Joy - Kolkata takes pride in being part of history for more reasons than one. This time around it was a journey into the elegant house of someone we lovingly call Maharaja of Cricket. His extraordinary Kolkata home that he shares with three generations of Gangulys, has been a peaceful haven for him, a place he always longs to come back to. In a country crazy about cricket and ‘Dada’, this palatial home which has a rich history and has gone through many ups and downs just like its favorite resident, is where Sourav is most at ease.

What makes it home for him? Is it a home where he has everything that he could have imagined? Does he still have his cricket kit, where does he keep it? What story do his walls want to tell you? Come join Asian Paints ‘Where The Heart Is’ to discover that corner of the house that Sourav Ganguly’s heart truly beats for.

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Asian Paints Where The Heart Is takes you into the world of stars that Sushant Singh Rajput lives in. Does he workout in the house? What’s his favourite thing to do at home? What is the thing made with jugaad in his house? Skip a heart beat as Sushant Singh Rajput tells you all about where his heart belongs – his home.

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