Where the heart is
boman irani, where the heart is, season 3 An established actor and a doting family man, Boman Irani’s old world charm translates into his home which exudes warmth and love. It has to be a Parsi house if talks of the next meals happen while the current meal is on! Welcome to an extremely welcoming home of Boman and Zenobia Irani with Asian Paints Where The Heart Is – season 3.

Light and laughter permeates this space set in one of the oldest settlements of Bombay, Parsi Colony. You leave behind Boman Irani, the actor par excellence, at the Irani doorstep and enter the home of a hardworking, doting family man who is an extremely benevolent host. As you enter, beautiful photographs of his children, grandchildren and the entire family greet you in the corridor.

The Irani family meets every evening. Yes, you read that right. They spend a lot of time in a space truly living up to its name, living area. The piano is an added charm and the heart of many musical get-together and parties. The soul of the house though is Zenobia Irani, Boman’s better half. She is the rock of the family. She graciously makes an appearance on this episode of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is to tell us décor stories of their humble abode. Together as a couple, they will melt your heart with their charming regaling and banter, giving us all major couple goals.

Wooden flooring, big red sofa and the freshest flowers make for a space that is not only inviting but infused with grace and comfort. The living room leads to Boman’s ‘den’. Watch this episode to find out more. The other side of the corridor is the actual heart of the house – the dining room! Of course, the dining table takes most of the space. It’s huge to accommodate family and friends, where long conversations and occasional leg pulling happen.

Whether it’s planning a holiday or deciding the dinner menu, it’s all a serious affair in this household. This episode will leave you with a sense of bonding and love like no other. Join the family that lives, breathes and laughs in its sanctuary called home in yet another beautiful episode of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is season 3.

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Unconventional film roles to unconventional home décor, these fun siblings have really chosen the road less travelled and are living it up together! Asian Paints Where The Heart Is takes you inside the heart of Huma Qureshi & Saqib Saleem’s home in Mumbai. Come, take a stroll in this home-for-two and spend a languorous afternoon with them.

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