Explore Personalised Sanitaryware for bathroom at BH Stores

Indulgent and comforting, our futuristic sanitaryware is not just pleasing to the eye but creatively engineered to elevate your bathroom experience. Infused with colors, modern design and premium finishes, Beautiful Homes’ sanitaryware collection of toilets, basins and sinks ranges from minimal to bold and is built to rejuvenate your senses and transform your most intimate space into a centre of tranquility and relaxation

Essentials of Sanitaryware/Toilet Fittings

In today;s tme where we are living in a world that prioritizes personal hygiene over everyting else - get the best comprehensive sanitaryware solutions all under one roof with Beauttiful Homes. Discover our range of beautiful water closets, wash basins and toilet seats to make your intimate space comfortable, safe and stylish! Also check out our range of washroom seats for the elderly to make sure your specific needs are never overlooked.

Water closets

Commonly known as flush toilets, our exquisite range of water closets offers an extremely wide range of exclusive products, made using high-quality ceramic and available in a number of innovative and futuristic designs to make your daily routine comfortable and stylish. A typical water closet consists of three parts - toilet bowl, toilet seat and the flush tank. Prioritize your privacy and reinvent the way your most essential bathroom fitting is experienced in your Beautiful Home.

Wash basins

Discover the joy of Beautiful Design with our well-laid out personlised wash basins and sinks. Browse through our incredibly diverse range of products that can be explored based on type, size and material ranging from pedestal or table top wash basins to vanity wash basins for increased storage needs. Select from marble, glass, steel, ceramic, granite or stone wash finishes based on your personality to give your Beautiful Home the makeover it truly deserves!

Toilet Seats

Toilet seats refer to the hinged units consisting of round or oval open seats with a lid. You may feel that this is a feature you can usually ignore but there are some incredibly innovative solutions that will enhance your toilet experience along with material choices between plastic and wood. Explore comfort down to the finest detail with our thoughtful selection of toilet seats only at Beautiful Homes!

Washroom seats for elderly

At Beautiful Homes, it is our strong belief that the key to a Beautiful Home relies on solutions that cater to every type of need across the board. With a majority of toilet seats being designed keeping younger audiences in mind, sometimes elderly people can face challenges. To combat this problem, we have created a modern selection of bathroom solutions to ensure every member of the family has a safe and relaxing experience on every trip to the washroom!

What is Sanitaryware?

Sanitaryware refers largely to the sanitary installations that are present in your bathroom such as toilet bowls, basins and water closets. They may or may not be connected directly to plumbing devices.