Wash Basin

Explore Personalised Wash Basins & Sinks at BH Stores

Discover the joy of Beautiful Design with our well-laid out personlised wash basins and sinks. Browse through our incredibly diverse range of products that can be explored based on type, size and material ranging from pedestal or table top wash basins to vanity wash basins for increased storage needs. Select from marble, glass, steel, ceramic, granite or stone wash finishes based on your personality to give your Beautiful Home the makeover it truly deserves!

Bath Fittings & Fixtures At BH Stores

  1. Pedestal Wash Basins
    Popular and for fair reason - The pedestal wash basin is usually the most seamless fit in any bathroom style

  2. Table Top Basins
    Table Top Wash Basins add a hint of unconventional flair to your bathroom and allow you to explore more choices across size, shape and color based on the complementing surrounding

  3. Wall Mounted Wash Basins
    Great space savers for modern, compact bathrooms!

  4. Under Counter Wash Basins
    Truly seamless and easy to maintain, our under counter wash basins are the ultimate space savers!

  5. Vanity Wash Basins
    Holistic and futuristic - our vanity wash basins are stunning, high on utility and simply irresistible!

  6. Wash Basin Shapes
    If you’re not sure what style suits you the best, start with shapes - round, square or rectangle options for when you are looking for the right starting point.

Pedestel Wash Basin

Our bath solutions are not limited to just bath fittings and sanitaryware, our collections are designed to reinvent the way you see and experience your bathroom - with elegant and futuristic solutions for every corner - from vanities, mirrors  and lights to dispensers, racks and organizers. Each product is created keeping the layouts of the bathroom, functionality of use and overall aesthetic and thematic elements to elevate your bathroom instantly!

Table Top Wash Basin

Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, counter top wash basins are easy to install and can seamlessly integrate into any bathroom construction style or design. They can be fitted over any countertop material and offers a practical solution for both space and utility with their minimal design and versatility. 

Wall Mounted Wash Basin

The special space savers, our wall mounted wash basins flawlessly integrate on to any wall with their They offer modern, elegant styling and become one of the talking points of your bathroom decor themselves. Make your bathroom appear larger and flaunt your tile work with wall mounted wash basins from Beautiful Homes!

Under Counter Wash Basin

Seamless in its truest sense, our under counter wash basin range adds a stylish facet to your clevel space saving tactic. Storage, surface and sink - all in one unit! Discover our vast range of designs, sizes, materials and colors and reinvent your bathroom space in an instant, only with Beautiful Homes!

Vanity Wash Basin

Get the best of design and utility with our vanity wash basins. Get modular and sleek storage space that is imperative for your bathroom and utilize it intelligently with our beautiful range of sinks that give stunning sanitaryware a whole new meaning! Discover a wide range of choices and endless customization options only with Beautiful Homes!

Wash Basin Shapes

Sometimes making the right choice for your Beautiful Home can be a daunting and confusing task. Luckily enough, you’re in the right place! If you’re unsure about where to start when it comes to redesigning your bathroom, start with exploring our collection by shape and choose between circular, rectangular and square style basins to set the wheels for the transformation of your space in motion!

Wash Basins & Sinks By Material

Glass Wash Basin

Glass sinks are easy to maintain and cost effective but offer a unique statement to your bathroom. Intricate and handcrafted, our glass wash basins are designed to impress, with bold shapes that do not stain or scratch. They’re also surprisingly more durable than you think! Elevate the look of your bathroom to one of luxury and class with our glass wash basins today!

Steel Wash Basin

Nothing says timeless like the steel wash basin. Designed to withstand weather, dust and impact, our multi-purpose steel wash basins are perfect for homes that require strength in their fixtures. Impervious to even high temperatures and usual basin issues like chipping and scratches, these wash basins come at affordable prices and are easy to disinfect as well.

Ceramic Wash Basin

High quality and the standard for luxury, our rich ceramic range feels ethereal with its incredible diversity across different shapes, sizes, materials and configurations. From vintage designs to retro, cosmopolitan, natural and even slightly bohemian styles, our ceramic wash basins add warmth and comfort to your bathroom whilst drastically uplifting its visual aesthetic and mood.

Stone Wash Basin

Stone sinks came into fashion a long time ago and have stuck around with good reason. They’re convenient, relatively affordable and technologically superior. Made to withstand the test of time, these reliable pieces last for almost a lifetime. Our Stone Wash Basin sinks are immune to low and mid level impact and are extremely easy to clean and maintain. They do not absorb grease or stains and are wear resistant. All in all, practicality at its finest! 

Granite/Marble Wash Basin

Almost palatial in a certain sense, our exclusive and handpicked range of marble and granite wash basins are a symbol of opulence and luxury. Their evolved cooling capabilities actually help control the temperature of the bathroom to a certain extent and they make the bathroom appear spacious with their neutral tones. Highly resistant to chipping and scratching these set stone finishes are extremely easy to clean and a truly fulfilling purchase.

Wooden/Plastic Wash Basin

Stay stress free and opt for our affordable and durable range of plastic wash basins that come in an attractive range of colors that will light up your space. Or opt for our unconventional wooden basins that are sure to start a conversation in your home, made using high-quality resin and eco-friendly materials. At Beautiful Homes, we’re always pushing the envelope!

What all are bathroom fittings?

Bathroom Fittings are the central usable elements of your bathroom space - primarily  your wash basin, toilet and shower stall including your faucets, shower heads and other plumbing attachments that you may include in your set. 

Which bathroom fitting is best?

Best is dependent on the expectation of the end user. Depending on personal preferences for both style and utility, the best fitting is one that is long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Luckily enough,the  Beautiful Homes bathroom collection has enough options to choose from!

How do I choose a bathroom fitting?

The answer lies in your priorities. Some key pointers to keep in mind - the budget, the layout and space available in the bathroom, the functionality required, frequency of use and last but not the least - the overall theme of the complete bathroom set.