Straight Modular Kitchen

Explore Personalised Straight Modular Kitchen Design at BH Stores

Our Beautiful Homes Stores provide an excellent array of designs customized to every inch according to your needs. Straight modular kitchen designs speak of simplicity like no other. They are extremely cost effective as the materials used are very less in quantity still are able to provide the premium experience anyone would expect from a Modular Kitchen. A compact design will ensure a seamless workflow and minimalistic approach that is imbibed in the approach gives the house avery chic look.

Features of Straight Kitchen Design

The straight kitchen layout is one of the most basic, simple and purposeful kitchen layouts available for every consumer. commonly refered to as the one-wall kitchen, it is an ideal layout for very small apartments and studios. With the kitchen triangle laid out strategically along a single wall, it saves a lot space as well as well as cost. Straight Modular Kitchen Layout is gaining popularity thanks to its no-nonsense approach. It gets the job done in the fastest manner possible. The cabinets and shelves in this style of design are imaginatively planned against a single wall to minimze space wastage. 


Straight Modular Kitchen designs are very budget friendly as not many different materials are required. The customization options are still numerous to ensure every individual is uniquely satisfied. The installation of the materials is comparatively cheaper and the timelines are quick and effective. If you would like to increase the budget to ensure the highest materials are installed, there are various options in that regard as well. 


Modern Straight Kitchen designs and layouts are very straight forward. The linear nature of placement of the hob, the sink and the refrigerator help tremendously with faster work times and ease of use. Plus this style of modular kitchen also ensures a clean, hygenic and clutter-free experience.


Materials can range from Wood, Acrylic, MDF, Aluminium, Plywood for shelves or cabinets to Marble and granite countertops. Depending on the kind of material used will help streamline a budget you are comfortable with. Quality is the utmost priority at our BH Stores and we guarantee a stress-free journey to complete your Straight kitchen modular design from start to finish.

What is Straight Line Kitchen Layout?

Also known as ”Single Line Kitchen”, The stright modular kitchen is designed entirely along a single wall. A single wall kitchen layout ensures that all of the appliances, the hob as wella as the sink are within arm's reach at all times.

How do you design Straight kitchen?

First, begin with your essentials and must-haves and plot them into prime areas of your allocated space that are easier to access. Next, we start to account for the finer details and structure them based on priority and frequency of use. Finally, add accent elements and decorative pieces to complete your beautiful kitchen!