Wall Colours: 10 Best Types of Guest Room Wall Colours By Asian Paints


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Guest Room Colour

10 Best Guest Room Wall Colours by Asian Paints

A guest room is an integral part of the house since it creates a feeling of hospitality for the visiting guests. Even though a guest room is used to accommodate staying guests only during events, it is necessary to always keep the guest room in a pristine condition. One of the important factors to make your guests feel welcome in your house is to select the correct guest room colour. Keeping this in mind, we are going to look at 10 guest room colour ideas from the Asian Paints colour catalogue.

1.  Use White as Your Choice of Guest Room Colour

White is the safest choice of colour that you can choose for your guest room colour design. White colour brings out feelings of cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity. Also, a wide variety of colours complement the colour white which makes it easier to select your choice of décor. Use the Absolute White Colour (L161) from Asian Paints to give a refreshing look to your guest room.


2.  Off-White Colour for Guest Room Wall Colour Combination

The off-white colour provides a striking appearance while being easy on the eyes with a soothing effect. A suitable wall colour combination for the guest room is to paint the ceiling white while painting the walls with a quality off-white colour. Use the White Cheese Colour (L177) from Asian Paints to give a soothing look to your guest room.


3.  Cream Colour as Your Choice of Guest Room Wall Colour

Most of the urban houses lack natural sunlight due to several other buildings in their vicinity. This can be compensated for by choosing an appropriate cream colour in your guest room colour combination. The cream colour will make the guest room look bright and more welcoming with a restful effect. Use the Milkshake colour (8012) from Asian Paints to magical and fresh space for your guests.


4.  Shades of Blue in Guest Room Painting Design

Blue colour can facilitate feelings of trust, peace, and calmness in a person. Therefore, a light shade of blue in the hall guest room colour combination will be a perfect choice to display hospitality to your guests. Use Scuba Blue colour (7272) from Asian Paints to create a rejuvenating feeling with tranquil energy for your guests.


5.  Choose from Cool Neutral Colours for Guest Room Wall Colour

Cool neutral colours will provide a universal appeal for all types of guests that you need to accommodate in your house.  Also, wooden furnishing which includes a sofa, dining table, chairs, and much more will look enhanced in lighter shades of neutral colours. Use Lilac Dash colour (8210) from Asian Paints to create a friendly atmosphere and a welcoming spirit for your guest room.


6.  Use Shades of Teal in Guest Room Painting Design

Choosing teal colour in the hall guest room colour combination can recreate the effect of the sea in the guest room. This will allow the guests to feel a vivid and vital feeling of freshness that will make their stay much more fulfilling. Use the Twilight Sea colour (7439) from Asian Paints to recreate the sparkling brilliance of the sea in your guest room.


7.  Choose from Warm Neutral Colours for Guest Room Colour Ideas

Warm neutral colours provide the same bright and soothing effect as cool neutral colours by tilting towards the warm spectrum. Choosing lighter shades from the warm neutral colours will provide a universal look that will provide a calm and welcoming feeling to the guests. Use the Basra Pearl-N colour (0974) from Asian Paints to create an atmospheric vivid ambience in the guest room.


8.  Create a Royal Ambience with Purple as One of The Guest Room Paint Colours

Purple Colour can facilitate feelings of royalty, luxury, and beauty in a person. Therefore, choosing a shade of purple in your guest room can give a royalty and luxury experience to your guests. Use the Pastell Rosa-N colour (9593) from Asian Paints to create a welcoming ambience that conveys nobility and grace.


9.  Use Shades of Green as One of The Guest Room Paint Colours

If you want to give an instant kick to your guest room, then choosing a shade of green colour is the right choice. Green colour will make the guests feel closer to nature while conveying the emotions of healing, safety, and freshness. Use Putting Green-N colour (9736) from Asian Paints as the choice of colour for the guest room to give a feeling like spring has arrived.


10.  Create an Energized Environment with Orange Paint for Guest Room

If you wish to make a bold statement with the choice of colours, then selecting an orange colour is the perfect choice for your guest room. Make sure your guest room has enough natural light to bring the best out of the orange colour. Use the Orange Appeal colour (7949) from Asian Paints to create a confident, energized, and happy environment for your guests



1. Which colour is best for the guest room?

While selecting the right guest room colour combination, it is best to select neutral colours. You can choose colours between cool neutrals and warm neutrals that will create an ambience that is suitable for any type of guest. Another best colour for a guest room is the colour white since it creates a clean, fresh and youthful vibe. Also, white colour can complement any type of furniture in your guest room.

For Example:

·       Use white colour with a suitable undertone of your choice for the guest room colour design

·       You can use shades of white such as off-white or pearl white for the guest room colour

·       Use cream colour and its shades to give a new dimension of look to your guest room

2. How can I make my guest room feel welcoming?

Guests with different personalities are going to stay in your house for some time. Therefore, it is essential to choose a guest room colour combination that is universal and appealing to all types of personalities. A guest room wall colour should make the guests feel rested, peaceful, and welcomed in your house after an event.


3. How can I make my guest room beautiful?

Selecting the right guest room and bedroom paint colours paint colours while keeping the furniture and décor in mind is one way to make your guest room beautiful. Select the best colour for your guest room to create an appropriate mood for your guests. Home painting requires precision skills and quality care to achieve a well-finished paint job.

How can Asian Paints help you choose the best paint colours for your room?


Still confused about which colour to choose for your guest room walls. Asian Paints provides free colour consultation online that you can use to select the right colour combination for your house. Asian Paints provides colour experts and unique visualization technology that will help you to choose the right colours for your walls. You can use the colour consultation service online for free, try now!


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