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10 Latest Wallpaper Designs for Your Home by Asian Paints

Every home deserves a multi-dimensional look that brings out the best that the living space has to offer. Choosing the right wallpapers for your home walls can provide the striking appearance that your living space needs. Using wallpaper designs for home is an efficient way to provide a colourful and contrasting look to your walls.

There are a wide variety of designer wallpapers available in the Indian market that can create a desirable look for your home. Creating an accent wall with the right wallpaper idea can give the entire room a breath of fresh air. Also, creating wallpaper home decor is much easier since wallpaper can be applied in a few hours with minimal effort compared to painting.

In this article, we are going to look at the 10 latest wallpaper designs for homes by Asian Paints for creating a soulful living space.

1.  Abstract Wallpaper Home Decor for Living Room

Abstract wallpapers can stimulate your mind with bold colours and patterns to create a vibrant feeling every time you enter a room. Choose an abstract wallpaper for your living room to create an accent wall that matches your sofa. Use Sand Tales - Wind and Sand Wallpaper from Asian Paints to create a fun and quirky energy in your living room.

Botanical wallpaper design for guest room - Asian paints

2.  Botanical Wallpaper Decor Ideas for Guest Room

A guest room must create a feeling of comfort and relaxation to revitalize your guests after a long tiring day. Using botanical wallpaper is one of the best wallpaper ideas since nature prints can provide a healing and relaxing effect. Use Hide Away - Fern wallpaper from Asian Paints to create a modern yet comforting look for your guest room.


3.  Botanical & Floral Wallpaper Decor Ideas for a Contemporary Look

A wallpaper design for homes with botanical & floral prints is trending for the year 2022 in the current market. Botanical & floral wallpapers provide a vivid palette of colours with prints that will create a contemporary look for any part of the house. Use Carmen - Fiesta wallpaper from Asian Paints for wall covering ideas to create a bright and striking presence.


4.  Damask Room Wallpaper Decor Ideas for a Traditional Look

One of the best wallpaper ideas to create a traditional look from the vintage era is the use of damask wallpapers. Damask Wallpapers create a vintage look that provides a sense of elegance and royalty in the room. Use Siroc - Rock Rose wallpaper from Asian Paints to cover the entrance wall of any room comprising the door.

Geometric wallpaper for your interior design - Asian Paints

5.  Geometric Wallpaper Ideas for Home

People who have a knack for being a perfectionist and those who need everything in order can choose a geometric design for their home. Geometric wallpaper design for homes can provide a sense of symmetry while giving a modern look to any wall in the house. Use Bold - Brooklyn wallpaper from Asian Paints to create an accent wall in your living room for a modern look.


6.  Plain Wallpaper Ideas for Clean and Brighter Walls

Plain wallpapers with subtle prints are an excellent choice as wallpaper designs for rooms to make them look brighter and spacious. Plain wallpapers for an accent wall with lighter shades of cream or white can be a substitute for paint colour wall. Use Loft - Studio wallpaper from Asian Paints to create a brighter and more vibrant look for your rooms.


7.  Textured Wallpaper Designs for Rooms

Textured wallpapers have been on the trending list for a long time, and they are still in demand in today’s market. Textured room wallpaper decor ideas include combining a suitable textured wallpaper alongside appliances such as a television or furniture such as a dining table. Use Shades – Textured Waves wallpaper from Asian Paints to create a unique and contemporary look for your rooms.

Striped wallpaper for kids room - Asian Paints

8.  Striped Wallpaper Home Decor for Kids

Striped wallpaper is one of the suitable room wallpaper decor ideas for kids’ rooms. Striped wallpaper with vertical prints can make a room look taller and much brighter, creating a vibrant and youthful look. Use Disney – Party Line wallpaper from Asian Paints as one of the wallpaper design ideas for your kid’s room.


9.  Traditional Wall Covering Ideas to Create a Cultural Vibe

The use of traditional wallpaper is one of the wallpaper design ideas to create a cultural vibe close to the roots of the country. Traditional wallpaper can be applied to your study room or your living room alongside traditional themed furniture. Use Sabyasachi - Jaipur Valencia wallpaper from Asian Paints which provides a glimpse into the era of splendid palace art.


10.  Tribal Wallpaper Ideas for Home to Create a Unique Statement

If you want to stand out from the rest and make a bold statement with your choices, then selecting tribal wallpaper is the way to go. Tribal wallpaper design ideas can instantly create eye-catching walls for a unique and bold look. Use Naga Stories – Iris Wallpaper from Asian Paints as wallpaper ideas for your home.

Tribal wallpaper for your interiors - Asian Paints



1. What is the most trending wallpaper?

Abstract wallpaper ideas are in trend in the current market since most modern houses require contemporary yet subtle accent walls to create a unique look.


2. What wallpaper is in Style 2022?

Botanical & Floral wallpapers are in style in 2022 as they provide vivid colours and mesmerizing patterns. The botanical & floral print is best for wall covering ideas to create a striking accent wall in the house.


3. Are textured walls in Style 2022?

Textured wallpapering ideas have been there for a long time in the wallpaper market. However, textured wallpapers have continued to stay in trend with the introduction of new textured prints for wallpaper ideas.


4. Does wallpaper make a room look smaller?

Choosing a wallpaper with a darker shade of colour, design, and texture can make a room look smaller. However, wallpapering ideas with lighter shades of colour such as cool neutrals, cream, and white can make a room look brighter and more spacious.

How can Asian Paints help you choose the best wallpapering ideas for your home?


Use the Asian Paints Safe Painting Services which is a single destination for all your home painting solutions. Choosing the right wallpaper according to the colour and decor of your room can be a time-consuming and daunting task. The Asian Paints Safe Painting Services will provide you with the necessary consultation for all your questions and needs.


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10 Latest Wallpaper design ideas for your home - Asian Paints