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4 Key Differences Between a Professional Painting Contractor and a Painter

When you’re planning your home improvement project, you are looking to hire someone you trust and someone you can rely on based on their expertise. Adequate information is key to shortlisting professional painting contractors for your home. There are many factors that need to be examined before identifying the right professional for your home improvement project. To come to a worthy conclusion, we will highlight certain factors that are significant to the success of your home improvement project. 


Our Contractor Finder Tool will help you find certified and trained professional paint contractors seamlessly, in and around your area. Many of us still seek clarity about the key differences between a professional wall & home paint contractor and a painter.

Professional house wall painting contractors - Asian Paints

Who is a professional paint contractor?

A professional paint contractor is certified, trained and comes with years of experience across varied areas. They are fully equipped with all paint application tools, project references and requirements. 

Who is a home painter?

A standard home painter is also a professional who can provide you with basic services using common paint tools.

To give you a brief understanding of what you must look out for, we have outlined key differences between a professional painting contractor and a standard home painter to help you with your decisions.


While shortlisting the right fit for your project, you must choose a professional painting contractor based on communication etiquettes, project expertise and customer feedback. Professional paint contractors possess holistic expertise in the home improvement field, from pitching to a client, solving queries to understanding requirements and outlining an estimate. Our Contractor Finder Tool helps you in finding house wall painting professionals with good ratings, specified areas of expertise like waterproofing, customer feedback and application tool knowledge.

Professionalism should be maintained by home painters - Asian Paints

With a professional paint contractor, professionalism is demonstrated through set guidelines, a contract, a framework and details to ensure your project runs hassle-free. Another telling sign of professionalism is when a painter contractor owns advanced, state-of-the-art mechanized tools like pressure washers and paint sprayers that help in the accuracy and timelines of your project. Pro tip: A professional paint contractor are also trained to establish a certain level of trust and comfort with their customers for projects owing to prior experience.


All Indian families treat their homes as a symbol of pride and beauty. The benefit of hiring a professional paint contractor is craftsmanship and quality that can bring your home improvement dreams to life. A professional paint contractor will ensure end-to-end delivery and an excellent finish, both, in terms of the walls and the overall project. Craftsmanship and quality finish is something that comes with training, and years of project handling experience. Professionals also perfect the use of new-age mechanized tools to provide a seamless, timely painting process to clients.

Excellent craftsmanship & quality is expected from a professional painting contractor - Asian Paints

Our Contractor Finder Tool ensures that all the listed house & room painting professionals are trained and certified with adequate experience to handle projects smoothly.

Pro Tip: You can always ask for project references to visualize the outcomes with professional wall & home painting companies.


We live in the era of technology where most tasks are mechanized to save time and provide accuracy. Most professional paint contractors own mechanized equipment like mixers, laser distance meters, pressure washers and paint sprayers that help accelerate the painting process and leave the site clean and tidy. You can rest assured and find professional paint contractors from the Contractor Finder Tool who are equipped with the right paint application tools for every project.

Professional painting contractors use advanced mechanized tools - Asian Paints

They also have extensive knowledge about paint application tools, methods and industry standards. Along with the ownership of such tools, it is also important to choose professionals because they’ve mastered the application methods and the functionalities of such tools owing to their experience across sites.



Finding a professional painting contractor is a similar process to corporate hiring through human resources. Certification and training always provide an edge. Through our Contractor Finder Tool, you will have access to fully certified and trained professionals who display expertise across paint application and wall repair requirements. If you are willing to spend money on a home improvement project, then you must hire professional wall & home painters who will do justice to the requirement and also deliver a quality finish in an organized fashion. Only certification and training can guarantee that your professional will offer tailored, proven solutions to fit your requirement. Along with this, our professional house wall painting contractors are chosen through an extensive system of interviews, screening and training modules to ensure a seamless project is handled with care.

Your professional painting contractors should be trained & certified - Asian Paints
Your professional wall & home painters should be trained & certified - Asian Paints


After reading all the key aspects to look for while hiring a painter, you will know just how to identify the right professional for your home improvement project. It is important for customers to be well informed as well, when it comes to handing out contracts and money for home improvement projects to witness the desired outcome. In times like these, our Contractor Finder Tool makes the search and home makeover process hassle-free by helping you through all the necessary steps. 


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04 FEB 2022

4 Key Differences Between a Professional Painting Contractor and a Painter