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Balcony Colours: 5 Best Balcony Colour Combinations For Home

A balcony is one of the few exterior places that give the necessary breathing space to a house. Whether you own an urban apartment or a lavish bungalow, having a balcony provides an extra space that you can customise according to your needs. A balcony can be the most relaxing space in your house where you enjoy your cup of coffee or read your favourite book while looking at the scenic view.

Choosing the right balcony colour design can create a warm and comfortable space that you will enjoy every time. Since the balcony is an exterior part of the house, it is important to choose the correct balcony wall colour combination to make your house presentable. In this article, we are going to look at 5 balcony paint colour ideas to give a presentable look to your balcony.

Balcony Wall Colour Combination of Cream and Off-White Shades


You can create the best colour combination for the balcony by using shades of cream and off-white. This balcony colour design will be particularly useful for compact balconies to make them look spacious and open. Use Thick Cream colour (7860) and White Echo colour (L112) from Asian Paints for balcony colour ideas to give a bright and open look to your balcony.

A Splash of Yellow Colour Combination for Balcony


If you plan to have your garden on your balcony, a yellow balcony wall colour can create the perfect contrasting look. The yellow balcony colour design will create a perfect backdrop for your plants while complementing the green colour paint. Use Lemon Burst colour (7864) from Asian Paints for your balcony colour design. Get more amazing yellow colour shades at our exclsuive colour catalogue.

Yellow balcony wall colour combination ideas for your space - Asian Paints

Balcony Paint Colour Ideas with Shades of Pink and White colours


A balcony wall colour combination of pink and white can give a modern and aesthetic appeal to your balcony. This contemporary colour combination for the balcony will give a pleasing look to your balcony that will catch the attention of every passerby. Use Periwinkle Pink-N colour (K015) with a choice of white colour to create a beautiful balcony colour.

Pink & white balcony wall colour combination ideas for your space - Asian Paints

Balcony Colour Ideas Using Warm Earthy Tones


Warm Earthy Tones can create the best colour combination for the balcony by giving a rustic and vintage vibe to your balcony. Using a balcony wall colour combination of brown and beige colours can create a perfect atmosphere for your leisurely activities. Use Charred Umber-N colour (K204) and Cane Beige colour (8563) from the Asian Paints colour catalogue to create a dreamy and warm-looking balcony. 

Earthy toned balcony wall colour combination ideas for your space - Asian Paints


Refreshing Mint Green Colour for Balcony


Mint green colour can be the best colour for balcony walls to give a cool and soothing effect of freshness. A mint green balcony wall colour can be the best colour for balcony walls with wooden railings and decor to provide an essence of nature. Use Mint Moon-N (9752) colour from Asian Paints as your choice of balcony colour for a vibrant look.

Mint green balcony wall colour combination ideas for your space - Asian Paints



1. Which colour is good for a balcony grill?

Colours such as white, brown, black, and grey are good for balcony grills. The colour of the balcony grill will also depend upon the type of grill you select for your balcony.

2. What paint do you use on a balcony?

The best paint to use on a balcony is a suitable exterior emulsion paint that will protect the balcony's colour. A good quality exterior emulsion paint should protect against dirt, humidity, and moisture to safeguard the exterior walls.

3. Can I paint my balcony floor?

Yes, you can paint your balcony floor using exterior paint. However, it is best to fit your balcony floor with proper flooring material such as tiles, bricks, or concrete.

How can Asian Paints help you with choosing & applying the best balcony colour combinations?


Asian Paints provides a free colour consultancy online that will help you to choose the best balcony colour combinations. Choose the Safe Painting Service from Asian Paints to get the best home painting service at your doorstep. You can select the best exterior paint for your balcony from the collection of Asian Paints Exterior Wall Paints.


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15 FEB 2023

5 Best Balcony Colour Combination Ideas For Your Home - Asian Paints

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