5 Home Decoration Ideas For A Traditional Indian Look


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5 Home Decoration Ideas For A Traditional Indian Look


Each one of us has our own picture of what our dream home should look like. A home's design should follow a theme for a harmonious look. A traditional Indian interior design theme for home decoration has a number of interesting possibilities. There are many simple ideas to give your home a traditional Indian look. Let us take a look at few which are simple, yet will give your home the desired traditional Indian look.



Indian design culture is rich in colours. Bold, vibrant colours are the mainstay of traditional Indian design. A traditional Indian look will begin with vibrant walls and furnishings. But, it is easy to go overboard with too much colour. Moderation is advised. Earthy tones like rich browns, ochres and oranges can work wonderfully well on floors and walls. At the other end of the colour wheel are the blues and greens, pinks and yellows. These can be used in small bursts to provide a relief from the warm earthy tones.



Traditional Indian Cabinets Decor - Asian Paints


Indian traditional cabinetry has its own distinct design and charm. They are a great example of form meeting function. Not only do they give that traditional Indian look, but they are also functional as practical storage spaces. These cabinets can either be plain with decorative edges and flourishes, or they can be works of art with a bright paint job and inlay work. These can make great accents to liven up a dull corner.



Indian Furniture Designs - Asian Paints


Traditional Indian furniture is the focal point for a traditional Indian look. Sweeping lines and intricate design are the hallmarks of traditional Indian furniture. Included among the wide variety of traditional furniture are footstools, wooden trunks, divans and decorative partitions. These coupled with traditional drapes and covers give off those unmistakable traditional Indian vibes.



Traditional Hand Spun Fabrics - Asian Paints


India is the land of cotton and khadi. These beautiful hand spun fabrics with time honoured Indian designs and colours can be used in a creative ways. Khadi can make beautiful flowing window drapes and curtains. A simple khadi sheet draped over a divan can create a homely, comfortable feeling. The varied colours and textures offer a feast for the senses. Even fabrics like Jute can be used to embellish smaller footstools or other minor pieces of furniture.



Traditional Decor Ideas - Asian Paints


India has an exciting variety of handicrafts which vary from region to region. But, they have one thing in common, they are exquisite, handmade pieces of art that can grace any home. Wooden boxes, brass lamps, clay pots, decorative masks, cloth and leather puppets, marble carvings; the list is virtually endless. It is just a matter of picking the right combination to suit your home.





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