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5 Soothing Wall Colour Combinations That Lifts Up Your Home


Colours are powerful. They have the power to influence the tone and the mood of a room. They have an enormous impact on your mood as well! Some people don’t realise the extent of that influence. But some do and they consider the importance of the fact when it comes to choosing wall paint colours for their homes.

Most of it is intuitive. E.g. the colour red is loaded with energy and red environments can lead to increased stress responses. At the opposite end, greens, whites and blues have the opposite effect. While red is the colour of passion and energy, it is also the colour of danger. So it makes sense that a room painted fully in red will not be a comfortable space for the mind to be in.

Cool colours and neutral colours have a soothing effect on the mind. These are the wall colours which put the mind at ease with happy associations. There’s something about these wall designs which soothe the mind.

Keeping this in mind, let us take a look at some of the most soothing wall colour combinations that will provide a calming influence to your living space. From purples to pinks and pale greens, these colours will de-stress your homes and lives.

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NICKEL GREY (6126) & STOIC GREY (8430)

For most of us, grey colour appears to be a dull and uninspiring colour. But what it lacks in colour, it makes up for in character. The term “Grey” covers a broad spectrum of shades. Even a minor variation changes the character and the tone of colour. The Nickel Grey is a warm shade of grey which projects the warmth and cosiness into the room.

This colour has a soothing effect on the psyche with its warm tone and a feeling of rooted stability. The Stoic Grey complements this colour and reinforces the calm with its own solid presence. An accent wall done in the darker Stoic Grey is like an anchor which holds the room steady, further enhancing the feeling of peace and serenity.

Bedroom Colours Interior Design - Asian Paints
Colours Used: Nickel Grey (6126); Stoic Grey (8430)

One of the best characteristics of grey is that it is a neutral colour. So it offers itself to be paired with almost any colour in the palette. Right from earthy oranges and ochres to the most vibrant pinks and greens. So, it is easy to add some colour to the room in the form of textiles and furnishings.

In the case of Nickel Grey, it has some brown tones to it. Some light-coloured furniture with off-white and orange furnishings will create a perfect living space with a soothing ambience.


Purple is a such a dark, rich colour. When used in a room, the eyes just ease into the colour. The eye does not flit, rather it follows the contours of the room at a serene pace. This relaxes the mind. It eases itself into the comfortable space like you would ease into your favourite chair or sofa.

Orchard Plum is a dusky purple colour which obliterates boundaries and opens up the living space. It creates a soothing space that calms the senses with a velvety charm that instantly relaxes the mind. Even the slightest bit of changes to the light changes the colour’s character. Under a dim lighting, the colour takes on an aura of mystery that shifts with the shadows. Under bright lights, the colour takes on a playful tone that soothes the eye and mind.

Living Room Colour Combinations - Asian Paints
Colours Used: Orchard Plum (8198); Butter Rum (8456)

Butter Rum is a beautiful shade of the brown family that forms an improbable pairing that works surprisingly well as a soothing combination. It is almost a dusky beige colour that matches the Orchard Plum in its soothing intensity. This wall colour combination is perfect for some comfortable looking furniture in light tones with intermittent splashes of colours that add textural warmth to the mix.

Raw, textured fabrics in similar dusky colours provide even more grounding to an otherwise soothing palette.


“Good things are associated with blue, like clear days, more than singing the blues. Just the word 'blue' in the singular is full of optimism and positive connotation to most people” —David Carson.

The blue is a soothing colour in all its shades. It is a lively colour that is reminiscent of the life-giving water. Even imagining a murmuring brook in a quiet meadow paints a cosy picture of soothing calm that relaxes the mind. The colour blue can be paired with almost any colour and still manage to look refreshing. When it comes to interior design , incorporating shades of blue into a space can create a serene and calming atmosphere, whether it's through accent pieces or larger elements like walls or furniture

The Dusk is a greyish shade in the blue colour shade family that reminds of a rainy-day sky. It is a hopeful colour that manages to look tranquil and exciting at the same time. Under bright lights, it looks like the soothing emerald sea that has an exciting hidden potential underneath. The colour washes over the mind submerging it into the soothing coolness of this colour.

Interior Designs for Home - Asian Paints
Colours Used: Dusk (9233); Frosted Chocolate (8654)

Nothing could be more contrasting to the coolness of the Dusk than the Frosted Chocolate. It is a deep shade of brown that stabilises the eye in the bright sea of blue tranquillity.

Cream-coloured furniture, combined with the Blue Dusk, gives an almost Mediterranean look which is joyful and tranquil.


Green is the colour of nature and nature is serene. Where the dark shades of green bring the coolness of nature into a home, the lighter shades evoke a carefree expression of joy and serenity.

The Pristine Green is a bright shade of light green that soothes the senses. It almost looks like Pistachio ice-cream with its subdued intensity. It has hints of yellow which intersperse the serenity with rays of joyful sunshine. Even though green belongs to the cool colour family, the Pristine Green has an internal warmth which casts a soothing influence into the room.

Dark Furniture Interior Design Ideas - Asian Paints
Colours Used: Pristine Green (9353); Cream Custard (7897)

This shade paired with Cream Custard makes for an excellent combination which is stunning in its simplicity. It is a calming shade of yellow which instantly reminds of the delicious cream custard. So pistachio ice-cream and cream custard together evoke the memories of ultimate comfort foods that serve to calm the mind.

Some dark furniture will add visual contrasts to the room that will balance the calm with a dash of earthy energy.


Pink is a passionate colour usually evoking the feelings of love and romance. But it is also a colour that has a calming effect on the mind. Surprised? Since pink is a colour associated with girls, it evokes soothing feelings of softness, kindness, compassion and nurturing.

The Princess Spell is the quintessential shade of pink which is a colour associated the most with childhood.  It naturally calms the mind with happy associations which are rooted deep into the subconscious.

The Electric Pink is a dusty shade of pink which balances the energy of the Princess Spell and gives it a more balanced sense of tranquillity. Though the colour is named Electric Pink, the colour comes off as a soothing shade of a strong, energetic colour.

House Interior Designs - Asian Paints
Colour Used: Princess Spell (8146), Electric Pink (8142) & Pine Cone (7887)

Completing this soothing combination is the third colour in the mix, the Pine Cone. One of the most surprising aspects of this colour is that though it appears brown, it belongs to the green colour family. It is a very warm shade of olive green where the yellow dominates, making it appear brown. An accent wall done in Pine Cone gives a rest to the eye and cuts into the ink influence of the room.


Different colours mean different things to different people. It is a collection of associations amassed over a lifetime of experiences. There are wall colours which evoke the strongest of emotions and there are colours which calm the mind. It is important to keep in mind, these associations while selecting the colours for your homes and create your own, unique soothing living space.



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14 DEC 2022

5 Soothing Wall Colour Combinations That Lifts Up Your Home