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5 Stylish Purple Two Colour Combination for Your Bedroom Walls

Your bedroom is your peaceful oasis where you retire to unwind after a long day at work. Hence, it goes without saying that you need to carefully choose a hue for your bedroom design. Pick a colour that does both - exudes optimism and makes you wake up happier and at the same time has a calming effect and makes you sleep  peacefully and comfortably  at night. 

Wondering which hue to colour your bedroom walls in? How about choosing a gorgeous purple shade for your bedroom interior design? It’s no secret that purple is a colour that screams opulence and sophistication. 

This regal hue adds a touch of mystery to your bedroom and makes it look cosy, intimate, and majestic all at once. Did you know that according to the Vastu shastra, purple is the colour of respect, trust, and faith? Read along to learn about a few stylish purple two colour combination for bedroom walls that are  picking up steam which you can consider using  in 2023.

Purple two colour combination for bedroom walls

Many people are finally realising  the true potential of the luxurious purple colour and opting for a purple two colour combination for bedroom walls. We have carefully handpicked 5 purple two colour combination for bedroom walls for you that will simply leave you spellbound.

Purple and Pink 

If you're looking for more inspiration for bedroom colour combination ideas, consider exploring different shades and tones of purple and pink to create a unique and personalized space that reflects your individual style and taste. Can’t decide whether to paint your bedroom purple or pink? Why not use them both together? Pick a muted hue of purple and pink and pair them together to get a dreamy, soft, and gorgeous room that will be a subject of envy amidst your social circle.

Since both purple and pink are soothing colours that radiate a sense of serenity and Zen, they prove to be a great bedroom colour choice for people who want their bedroom to act as a lullaby and instantly make them feel sleepy and ready for bed. 

Purple and Blue

Who says you can’t pair two saturated hues together? We are talking about pairing purple with royal blue. If you are aiming to create a bedroom that is intimate and has an aura of an enigma, we would recommend you try this purple colour combination for the room.

Bold purple combination for bedroom walls - Asian Paints

Lavender and Beige 

Do you want your bedroom to be an escape that lets you time travel and makes you feel like you are a royal from the Victorian era? We would recommend you paint your bedroom walls lavender and beige hue. These muted hues will instantly add an old-world charm to your bedroom and make it appear elegant and chic.

Pastel purple combination for bedroom walls - Asian Paints


Violet and White

While violet screams authority and grandeur, white is a timeless colour that provides a perfect juxtaposition to this deep hue. Whether you have a French countryside villa, contemporary penthouse, or vintage cottage, the violet and white colour combination is a perfect choice for your bedroom walls.


Basic purple combination for bedroom walls - Asian Paints

Light Purple and Black 

Want to make your bedroom the highlight of your home decor? Paint your bedroom walls with light purple and black walls. While purple will add a touch of softness to your bedroom, black will make it look stylish and lavish.

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Elegant purple combination for bedroom walls - Asian Paints



1. Is purple a good colour for the bedroom?

Purple is a good colour choice for your bedroom. However, keep in mind that it all comes down to which shade of purple paint you pick for your bedroom. While a dark purple will shrink your space and make it look intimidating, a lighter shade will make your space emit a fun, energetic, and calm vibe. 

2. What colour goes with a purple wall?

The best thing about picking up purple for your bedroom is that it is a versatile hue and goes well with almost any colour. From warm neutrals like ivory, beige, and cream to timeless blacks and greys, purple pairs well with all of these hues. Feeling bold? You can consider stylish purple colour combination for the bedroom like purple and orange, purple and pink, purple and royal blue, and purple and green. 

3. Which shades should I avoid when considering a purple bedroom colour combination?

Purple is a versatile hue and pairs well with almost all colours on the colour wheels. So, you can pair it with yellows, greens, blues, or with browns and beiges, and blacks from the Asian Paints colour catalogue and it will look great nonetheless. 

4. Is purple colour good for bedroom Vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra ideology, purple represents wealth, trust, self-respect, trust, desire and mercy. Hence, purple is a Vastu-approved colour that you can consider using for your bedroom in 2023. We recommend that you explore different shades of purple and pick a shade that best suits your overall decor, room size, and your bedroom mood. 

5. Which colour is the best combination with purple?

Paint experts recommend homeowners consider purple colour combination for bedrooms like purple with white, lavender, grey, beige, and pink as it looks great with these contrasting and statement hues. We recommend that you bring home paint swatches of different shades of purple and the colour that you are planning to pair it with and try them first on a small patch of wall. This will help you understand how it looks along with your existing bedroom decor and during different times of the day. 

6. What does a purple colour bedroom mean?

A purple colour bedroom is gaining popularity and we are here for it. There is something about a purple colour room design that instantly makes you feel warm and welcomed. Purple colour bedrooms look fun, energetic, serene, and majestic. Whether you are choosing a hue for your master bedroom, guest bedroom, or kid’s bedroom, purple is perfect for all kinds of bedrooms.

Cozy purple colour bedroom design for your space - Asian Paints


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