5 TV Cabinet Designs To Highlight Your Living Room


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Living room designs

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5 TV Cabinet Designs to Highlight Your Living Room


Find the perfect resting place for your state-of-the-art TV set—one that suits its high-design proportions

It began as a humble black and white, morphed into colour that became your neighbour’s envy (if you were lucky enough to own one), transformed into a larger-than-life presence in your home, even attained smarts along the way, got you used to a high definition way of viewing, and became your go-to for everything—from entertainment to news. The television set, since it came into being, had many transformations. And in this age of high-tech TV sets that come in any size, it’s only right that they’re housed in equally tasteful niches. Cue in the ubiquitous TV cabinet that has undergone an evolution of its own, thanks to canny furniture designers.

Living Room TV Cabinet Design Ideas - Asian Paints
An evolutionary TV cabinet, home to your television, creates endless opportunities to add contemporary elements that liven the space up.

The TV furniture unit of today holds the entire entertainment system together. Your television has always occupied a pride of place in your living room, a fulcrum (along with that sofa of course) that decides the terrain of your living room furniture, even your living room lighting, living room wall design and living room décor. So getting your TV cabinet right is essential. But before you do start searching, there are several factors to consider. The budget, material, colour, size, design and storage features of your TV cabinet are what will dictate the choice. And while everyone has specific tastes, here are five broad types of TV cabinet designs that will suit your living room.



TV cabinets also double up as storage units in a modern living room design. At times, they hold gadgets, books, accessories and even decorative pieces. While large storage units-cum-TV cabinets would work well in a large living room, it is a small living room design that kicks innovation and creativity into high gear. Instead of a bulky cabinet, it is wise to think of space-saving furniture.

Small Living Room TV Cabinet Design - Asian Paints
A space-saving cabinet, its innovative appeal will not only make the room chic but also add a touch of understated elegance.

Go for small boxes in different shapes and sizes; fix some on the wall and some on the floor, according to available space. Keep some of closed for discreet storage and others open to serve as display units. Try different patterns to arrange the boxes. Most importantly, avoid clutter. Seek to create a harmonious living room wall design. The trick is to know what you need and avoid going over the top.



This kind of a TV cabinet sees a coming together of display units, the TV stand and storage cabinets. Keep an open wooden shelf above the TV and fix long cabinets on both sides of the TV stand. 

Arrange the living room lights so that they illuminate the cabinets and also turn the focus on the shelves that display your décor accents or books. The outcome is a living room wall design that perfectly sets up a blend of modern décor and multifunction.

Design and function go together to build this clean and contemporary space full of love and memories.


If quirky is your thing, then add in a little whimsy to your TV cabinet design by playing around with curves. Design both open and closed units, depending on your requirement. Arrange the curved shelves and units in a way that they keep the focus on the TV.

An unexpected twist to your space with this unique cabinet, breeding a style that marries the old with the new.

​Lines and curvy angles add unexpected twists to the living room interior design and add a welcome break from the regular rectangles and squares. Add some glossy paint on the wall-mounted unit and you can create a smart and futuristic-looking TV cabinet.



If you have a large living room with a free-flowing large wall, this TV cabinet design idea is for you. Design a complete wall entertainment unit in solid wood and go all out with what you’d like to incorporate in it—including bookcases and a bar cabinet too.

However, instead of a bulky unit covering the whole wall, build small spaces in different shapes and sizes. Arrange them in a neat pattern and voila! You have created what looks like a designer living room with the help of your living room furniture.

A funfair of pleasure, this cabinet is a union of your entertainment and aesthetic needs.


Try this approach if you are following a modern style for your living room décor. Let the colour of your TV unit furniture contrast with the colour of your wall. This will bring a focus on the unit and enhance the interior decoration. For the design of the TV cabinet, go old school; create two long units with shelves and drawers. Ensure you have enough storage space for your gadgets, remote, books etc.

Put in the spotlight, this sleek cabinet seals the magnificent envelope called your living room.

You could be planning an entirely new living room or a living room renovation, the TV cabinet plays a significant decision-making role in either case. From the right placement to a harmonious home design, it all comes into play.

Here’s a quick round-up of what you need to have top of mind: 

The position of the unit should be such that the TV is at the eye level. Place the living room sofa set at a distance of 18 to 20 inches for maximum viewing pleasure. 

Durability is of course, key: your TV cabinet should be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the TV and the heat transfer.


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