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5 Wall Colour Combinations For A Teenager’s Bedroom


Teenage is a period of confusion and uncertainties. It is one step after childhood, but one step away from adulthood. It’s the time when opinions are shaped and strong likes and dislikes make themselves apparent rather quickly and openly. A bedroom is an important space in this period. It is the one place where they can express themselves through the interior home decor and go through the difficult transition from the childhood to adulthood.

A teenager’s bedroom design can be their study, gym, salon and their wardrobe. And why forget about the small parties or sleepovers that get planned in an impromptu manner. The room could be a shared one with a bunk bed or they could have the whole room to themselves with minimal furniture. The decor of a boy’s room differs very much from a girl’s room. There are many possibilities in between these two extremes.

The right colour combinations in the bedroom will thus play a big part in making the teenage years more memorable. Here are some colour combinations which come together to create beautiful memories.

Teenage Bedroom Designs - Asian Paints

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For the teens who like a small yet classy bedroom filled with ample natural light, this wall paint colour combination goes really well. It gives the room a touch of the urban-classy look which is enhanced when paired with white-coloured furniture and pastels or bold furnishings.

Rustic Turquoise not only brightens up the room but also gives it a serene look. The Sonnet, on the other hand, complements the entire look that the Rustic Turquoise is meant to give.

Teenage Room Designs - Asian Paints
Colours Used: Rustic Turquoise (7438); Sonnet (L146)

Even the smallest of bedrooms will get a bigger look with the apt use of Sonnet. It not only leaves enough room to breathe but also attracts a lot of light making it a bright and happy space for a teenager to live and study in the ample natural lighting.

Light, white-coloured furniture with a few pieces of contemporary art on the walls are the perfect accompaniments for this colour combination.


Generally, a teenager prefers a contemporary bedroom colour combination look for their room. In this case, contemporary means whatever that looks fresh and can keep up with a teenager’s energy. This combination of Potpourri, Iris Impact and Truffle is just the right amalgamation of colours needed to give a bold yet contemporary look for a fun-filled teenager’s room.

Though this combination is a bit on the feminine side, it carries enough sophistication to grace both, a boy’s as well as a girl’s bedroom. The bold stroke of Potpourri lends the much-needed touch of sophistication and grounds the room’s energy. It complements the other two colours, Iris Impact and Truffle, well and becomes an essential part of a classy trio.

Combinations of Wall Colours - Asian Paints
Colours Used: Potpourri (7161); Iris Impact (7109); Truffle (8635)

This combination of colours looks good in all sorts of lighting situations. This is mainly because of the use of Iris Impact. It acts as a mediator and creates a balance between the other two colours. The Truffle is the most fun colour in the trio. It takes on different hues under different lighting conditions. Light-coloured and pastel accents enhance  this combination.


It is important to have the energy of the room grounded in growing years. This colour combination speaks volumes for itself. Both, Tropical Tan and Natural Linen, are soothing colours and yet, their combination is absolutely trendsetting.

Bold, flashy and distinct, Tropical Tan lends a welcoming warmth to the room. It distinguishes itself when paired with dark furniture and light furnishings. It can even lend itself to be paired with splashes of darker colours like deep red or the oranges.

Bedroom Designs for Teenagers - Asian Paints
Colours Used: Tropical Tan (8455); Natural Linen (L132)

The Natural Linen stands head-to-head with the Tropical Tan as it balances and highlights the darker shade. It makes the Tropical Tan stand out as one of the important features of the room.

When supported by ample lighting, this combination creates a fresh look that sets the room’s mood. Indoor plants will lend their living warmth to the space and light curtains give the room a sophisticated look.


This combination is perfect for the teens who prefer wide open spaces, gardens or balconies, as it creates a feeling of light and airiness. The combination of Pure IvoryButtercup and Jungle Trail comes together perfectly to keep its teen occupant feeling fresh throughout the day.

The Pure Ivory in this fresh colour combination acts as the mixer which brings the other two colours together to merge beautifully and create a rich mix with a great contrast.

Bedroom Design Ideas for Teenagers - Asian Paints
Colours Used: Pure Ivory (L124); Buttercup-N (0336); Jungle Trail (7565)

The Buttercup-N gives a soothing and spring-fresh look to the room which creates a cheerful environment for the teen, enveloping it in soothing warmth.

The bright Jungle Trail balances the ambience of the bedroom by bringing in the outside greenery into the room. It brings in an element of nature’s harmony and provides a calming element to all the pent-up teen energy.


Teenagers are notorious for changing their likes and dislikes at the drop of a hat. They are always keen to follow the current trends that are going around at the time, be it their wardrobe or their room’s decor.

This colour combination of Summer Yellow, Azure Sky and Sonnet has just the right amount of pizzazz to keep things fresh and in vogue for a very long time. It is a peppy combination of both warm and cool colours which come together nicely to create a happy living space.

An accent wall done in the bright Summer Yellow never loses its charm. It is such an outstandingly bold colour which lends an uber flashiness to the entire bedroom.

Colour Used: Summer Yellow (7863); Azure Sky (7407); Sonnet (L146)

The Azure Sky keeps things cool and breezy all throughout the day. It pairs up very well with the light Summer Yellow giving it the much-needed depth and balance.

The Sonnet is a mature colour which calms down the energy without losing its own charm. Dark coloured furniture and wall textures are a perfect addition to this trio of fun-filled colours. Get more amazing yellow colour shades at our exclsuive colour catalogue.


When it comes to decorating a teenager’s bedroom, it’s always great fun to experiment with all kinds of colours. Like all the different colours, all the teens are different and special in their own way. They could be studious, geeky, music-loving, nature-loving or just a typical teenager. Choose the right bedroom Asian Paints room colour combination from the Asian Paints colour catalogue. While there is no set formula to decorate a teenager’s bedroom, it is very important to have the right colour combinations that suit their temperament and which will also create fond memories of their teenage years.



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5 Colour Combinations For Walls That Make Sense

07 AUG 2020

5 Wall Colour Combinations for a Teenager’s Bedroom

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