Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Interior Paint

You don’t always have to wait for Diwali or a wedding in the house to give those old rugged-looking walls a new attire! As easy as this thought may seem, deciding on the mood of the room and picking an appropriate home paint colour that resonates with it is no walk in the park. Today with Pinterest being our inspiration, having all the paraphernalia ready seems simple until you walk inside a showroom that sells colours. From one palette to another, picking shades, hues, and tints is like putting yourself in a situation that is tougher than being stuck in the Mumbai traffic during its peak hours! 

Forget about learning “how” to choose the right paint colour for the walls at home when selecting a mere neutral wall paint shade feels like a tough tug of war. Most often than never, it’s almost like walking into your favourite shop with an agenda to buy just one of the many things you sold your heart to. Tough, right? 

Having said all of that, what we can really do is to not find ourselves confused as well as guilty; and what we mean by that is, we must try not to let our confusion take over our decision-making. 

Making a good choice seems vital here because there is no going back for a few years at least. We understand your palpitations! 

To make your life simpler, here’s your ready reckoner!

How to choose the right colour for your home? - Tips To Remember!

Watch Your Swatch:

As we all know, lighting plays a majestic role in understanding if the shade suits your space, your liking, and the vibe you want the room to radiate; just like how we check the colour of our foundation under all sorts of lighting! Swatching a colour on the wall from the shade card of your choice and observing its radiance through the day (morning, afternoon, evening, and night) gives you the real feel of how it will look, making your confusion about how to pick the right colour for your wall simpler than your thought. Don’t forget to see the shade without and without artificial lighting too!

Pro tip: Let it sink in before you finalise it!

No For A Colour War

If we have to choose interior paint colours of our choice, we are sure to make it look like an artist’s palette without envisioning the end product. One must always remember to pick colours of the same family or just cousins for rooms next to one another to ensure that they don’t end up looking like a rainbow without any aesthetic. Therefore, understanding how to find the right wall paint colour matters and hence for that good research and guidance is your knight in shining armour.

Maintain a uniformity while choosing interior paints – Asian Paints

Colour Blast In One Room? Nah!

We often get asked questions like how to choose the right colour for your home and our answer is simple - one room must have a maximum of three colours, one accent and two neutrals. Crisp and clear, isn’t it? Imagine seeing a different colour everywhere you see, it’s disastrous! A whole lot of colours in the room can make the space look cluttered and undone. Limiting your choice to three can be a task, but choosing the right accent shade along with complimenting neutrals is the most perfect way of giving the room a vibe you can’t get enough of. 


Make The Most Of What You Have

Don’t you wish you had Photoshop to help you pick a colour from the background to set the mood right? We feel you too!

To make the selection process a piece of cake, picking a colour from the furniture or the decor in the room makes an effortless entry into your space, your home, and your heart.

Pro Tip: While you pick shades leave in some of your decor to ease your dubiety on how to find the right wall paint colour.


Look Up Here, I Exist, Says The Ceiling

Most often when we pick colours we tend to forget about the ceiling which constitutes a major part of the wall painting. Picking lighter shades that compliment all the walls is the simplest way to give your ceiling its new identity. Also, pick lighter or more neutral shades to make the ceiling look tall. Shh! It’s a secret that you can experiment with.

Choose the right paint colour for your ceiling – Asian Paints


A Rage Now Is Not A Rage Forever

Understanding that what’s in trend now may not be in trend a few years from now. Will you then again put yourself and your pocket through the turmoil of picking the right shade at the right cost? You can always spare yourself the horror and stick to what is timeless, because that’s your vibe! 

Phew! That felt like a huge boulder off our shoulders!

Having said that all, we know you may still be flanked by thoughts like how to choose the right wall colour paint, how to choose the right exterior paint colour, or for that matter how to choose right colour for your house and we hope this read helps you in a small way.  


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