6 Modern Bedroom Design Ideas For A Modern House


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6 Modern Bedroom Design Ideas for a Modern House


Layer your unique aesthetic on a carefully thought out backdrop of a modern-style bedroom interior design. Bedroom design ideas on how to go about achieving a modernist-inspired private sanctum!

Natural materials. Check. Clean lines or geometric shapes. Done. Ample natural light. But of course. Simple accents (think books and vases). Certainly. Carefully chosen bedroom wall paint. Definitely. Weave in these elements of modernism, make sure they coexist in harmony, keep your space clutter-free and voila! You have your modern-style bedroom ready as your oasis of rest.

Bedroom Interior Designs - Asian Paints
Woven with elements of modernism, this plush bedroom makes good use of natural materials and timeless accents.

That, though, is easier said than done, particularly when it comes to bedrooms—that space that is so uniquely you that you might hesitate to see how others got it right (or wrong!). It shouldn’t stop you from looking at what’s out there however. There is a world of choice out there that’s worth exploring. We’ve brought you some inspired, modern-style home décor ideas to help you create the bedroom interior design that best expresses you! 




Have modern interior decoration on the mind? Then think organic. Make sure your bedroom receives enough natural light and go with natural material, such as wood.

Bedroom Wood Interior Decoration - Asian Paints
Entrenched in organic materials, this bedroom’s beauty is amplified by a clean wood finish and natural light.

In a bedroom, it was work well on the floor and the walls and even on bedroom furniture. Use the right amount of artificial light too, so as to complement and not overwhelm the daylight pouring in.



Make sure all the pieces of furniture you pick for your bedroom work well together. Your bed, the most important piece of bedroom furniture, can be plush and modern, in which case a vintage side table or a contemporary cupboard with a modern dressing table, would be great complementary pieces. Think about opting for a monochromatic palette for your bedroom furniture.  Be sure about the functional aspects of your bedroom furniture design—that is as important as its aesthetic appeal. If you have dark furniture, throw in colourful textiles to provide welcome pops of colour, or bright artworks and murals would work just as well. But remember, this is your bedroom, your refuge for relaxation, so use colours you love and ones that soothe.

Plants & Mirrors Bedroom Interior Design - Asian Paints
Plants and mirrors add a pop of colour and character to this soulful bedroom.
Side Table Bedroom Interior Design - Asian Paints
A vintage bedside table to bring old-world charm to this modern style room.



Choosing the right wall painting design for bedroom can be a daunting and exhausting task. Whether it’s bright, pastel or neutral, colours are an important factor of modern bedroom design. A monochromatic colour scheme offset by colourful accents can really brighten up the room.

It is a good idea to balance the warm, bright and bold colours with cooler, softer shades. You can also try out wallpapers with geometric patterns and pretty hues to give your bedroom a modern look. After all, bedroom interior design, as with anything else, is all about balancing the elements.

Textured Bedroom Design Ideas - Asian Paints
Blue welcomes positivity and royalty into this seamlessly textured bedroom.



A common factor in modern-style home décor ideas is recessed lighting, hidden within ceilings—they’re discreet and give ceilings a clean look. Along with that, you can add in decorative lights to enhance your bedroom’s aesthetic—think of them like sculptural installations of great utility. And your options are wide-ranging too—bedside lamps, table lamps, floor lamps or pretty wall lights that add warmth and style.

Bedside Lamp Design Ideas - Asian Paints
A sculptural installation, this bedside lamp adds warmth and vogue while effortlessly becoming a part of the interiors.

Do choose ones that work seamlessly with the interior decoration of the room.  You can also use mirrors to create a play of light and shadow and make the bedroom look bigger than it is.  An ideal bedroom interior design must have lights for all sorts of moods.



If you’re going modern in your bedroom, then go all out and work in some seriously modernist elements—bare concrete walls, wooden floors, shelves with colourful accents, furniture, artworks, textiles, curtains and just the right amount of decorative pieces. If you do this though, make sure they all work in sublime harmony!

Modern Bedroom Design - Asian Paints
Subliminal art, a natural finish and geometric furnishings harmonize to make this an ideal modern bedroom.
Wallpaper Designs for Bedroom - Asian Paints
Personalization with succulents, a suspended statement light and a standout wallpaper.



Those clean lines, Spartan looks and functional pieces mean that the modern-style bedroom décor runs the risk of being uncomfortable. And in a bedroom, that’s the last thing you need. Therefore, you need to balance the modern with the familiar and the comfortable. Cue in the plush bedding, those soft lights and that comfortable mattress—essential prerequisites of an ideal bedroom interior design.

Cozy Bedding for Bedroom - Asian Paints
This cozy bedding is inviting yet soothing, promising a good night’s sleep.


The perfectly balanced interior decoration of a modern bedroom design works best when it’s tempered by things that are essentially you. Add in some plants and photographs from that album gathering dust in storage and you’ve got yourself a private escape. All you have to do is bask in its comfort!


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6 Modern Bedroom Design Ideas for a Modern House

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