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7 Simple Steps To Exterior Wall Waterproofing

Whether you’re a satisfied homeowner of a beautiful, regal property and expansive home for years now, or a new homeowner who has made their very first home investment, a healthy and robust foundation and reliable structural integrity of your home is one of the most essential aspects of owning a home. As your home withstands several weather conditions and general wear and tear, you may notice water leakage, damp walls, and chipping or peeling paints, especially on your exterior walls! And that’s exactly why exterior waterproofing with the best exterior waterproof paint is integral to maintaining your home’s environment and structure’s health!    

If you’ve noticed irregular, bumpy surfaces and peeling paints on your exteriors, and are wondering how to waterproof exterior wall for maximum protection, here are 7 easy steps to exterior wall waterproofing for ensured protection from rain and water seepage! 


Easy Steps To Follow For Exterior Wall Waterproofing

If you’re constantly wondering how to waterproof exterior wall with the best outdoor waterproof paint and waterproofing solutions that not only keep the water seepage and dampness at bay but also maintain healthy, luxurious, and spectacular exterior walls, here’s a 7 step by step guide to exterior waterproofing!


Examine exterior walls

You must first thoroughly check your exterior walls and examine all the issues that are of concern. During this check, you may notice cracks and gaps, peeling paint, discoloration, dampness, etc. Once you’ve noted all the issues, you can then pick the best products and solutions to waterproof exterior wall panels.


Unclog gutters

The outdoor gutters of your home may get clogged due to inconsistent maintenance, dust, and piling of unwanted materials. It is best to clean out your gutters as they retain rainwater or block water passage and cause the water to absorb into your exterior walls.


Choose the best waterproof paint for exterior walls

Now that you know all the issues that need to be addressed with exterior waterproofing, you can opt for various products and solutions available online and in the market like exterior waterproof paint to effectively waterproof exterior wall panels and keep the leakage at bay. 


Use plaster additives

If you notice severe leakages that cannot be completely sealed with waterproof paint, opt for plaster based waterproofing products as they prevent water infiltration problems from recurring and make your walls more solid, strong, and resistant.


Fill cracks and gaps

Before you apply the exterior waterproof paint products, filling in gaping holes and cracks is essential as leaving these cracks unattended can invite water flow back to your exterior walls, causing further water damage! Using crack seal products to fill gaps acts as a waterproof primer for exterior walls.


Apply the outdoor waterproof paint

Coming down to the most essential part of exterior waterproofing, apply a rich coat of waterproof primer for exterior walls to prep your walls followed by the application of the best waterproof paint products, and get 2x leakage protection!


Water-tightness test

Now that you’ve completely secured your exterior walls, allow your waterproof paint to dry before you test your walls by spraying water on the walls for a couple of hours and measuring on a moisture meter if there is a presence of moisture. If the meter indicates no moisture, your exterior walls are now completely secured form water damage!


The simple answer to how to waterproof exterior wall in the most effortless manner is to utilize the most streamlined and foolproof exterior wall waterproofing solutions & exterior waterproofing paint products offered by reliable solution providers like Asian Paints! 




1. How to waterproof exterior wall?

Exterior wall waterproofing can seem like a daunting task but with our 7 step guide that helps you understand conduct effortless waterproofing, it will seem like a cake walk! Follow our 7 step exterior wall waterproofing guide or simply book an appointment with Asian Paints to not only get the most effective waterproofing services but also secure your walls with the most reliable exterior waterproof paint products!


2. Which is the best waterproof paint for exterior walls?

At Asian Paints, we offer a vast line of most effective waterproofing paint products for exterior walls that not only keep water seepage at bay but also maintain a luxurious finish to your home exteriors! Some of our excellent outdoor waterproof paint products include SmartCare Damp Sheath Exterior, Damp Proof, Crack Seal, etc., all available at our online store!


3. How to do waterproofing for rain protection?

Waterproofing is an essential solution to protect your home from water damage caused during the monsoons. It is best to opt for the most effective waterproofing products and solutions before the monsoons arrive to ensure exterior wall protection from rain. Have a look at our 7 step exterior wall waterproofing guide to understand how effortlessly you can secure your home against water damage during the rains!


Exterior wall waterproofing solutions with Asian Paints

At Asian Paints, we’ve not only curated an elaborate range of the most effective exterior waterproof paint and waterproofing products but also expert end-to-end waterproofing service that provides foolproof exterior waterproofing! With a colossal range of the best waterproof paint for exterior walls, our expert technicians prep your new home’s outdoor walls with the best-in-class waterproofing paint for exterior walls like SmartCare Damp Sheath Exterior, Damp Proof, Crack Seal, and many more!

Whether you’re building your new home from its very foundation or are renovating your home to ensure exterior wall protection from rain, our stellar Asian Paints waterproofing paint for exterior walls is a must-have product for the most effective exterior waterproofing!


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