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7 Smart Decor Hacks For Small Apartments


Small homes are now extremely common. Whether it’s the crowded cities that have pushed us towards them or the need to Marie’Kondo our spaces and choose living that keeps up to a minimalist lifestyle, small apartments are forcing us to rethink the way we live and function. Proper styling and layout design can actually make a home look spacious, but clever crafting and home decor ideas can transform it completely. Is your living room cluttered beyond recognition? Are items lying everywhere with no intelligent way to organize? Below are small space hacks and home interior ideas that can come in handy to solve your design woes.

Get inspired by this small apartment decor ideas � Asian Paints


It may seem insignificant, but this one hack is very powerful in amplifying a small space.

Minimal tiny apartment decor ideas � Asian Paints

Using one color throughout your small apartment brings cohesiveness to the space, keeps it open and also has a  calming effect. Patches of color in furnishings and carpets are enough to lift the mood and add contrast. Think of neutral colored furniture or cabinets - these are small space interior design ideas that work well. Incorporating well-chosen colour combinations  can transform the aesthetic appeal of any space, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing environment

Modern small apartment design ideas � Asian Paints


Mirrors are wonderful, they add interest to your home wall decor. If you have a room that feels cramped and overwhelming, or if your room appears dark, mirrors can pick up natural light and open up space. Mirrors also create illusions and a beautiful ambience, and is a wall decor idea hack that is both pretty as well as functional.

Modern small apartment design ideas � Asian Paints


Book collectors beware! Small apartments can seem contradictory to what you love hoarding, but here’s a hack for you. Place books on wall shelves all across the home, in corners, alcoves, way above the head. Don’t forget to decorate them with planters, curios, knickknacks. Besides looking good, they’re so useful and a home wall decor that will save much on bulky showcases.

Simple & cute small apartment ideas � Asian Paints


It’s very easy for little home decor items to get lost in small apartments. That’s why a focus on the details keeps the design fun and functional. Look up quirky pieces like a wooden crate for shelves, or ladders for hanging clothes, basically props that are eye-catching. The best part is, this room decor can be done all by yourself and you’ll get the opportunity to showcase a few but truly unique stuff from your collection. 

Boho themed bedroom interior design ideas - Asian Paints


With space being a scarcity in small apartments, make every nook and cranny work to your advantage. Make dual medicine-mirror cabinets in other rooms besides the bathrooms, place shelves in stair landings, corridor corners, make way for tables with drawers. Stock small items like curios, plants in these niches and make every empty nook work for you aesthetically. Small house interior design does well when maximised in such smart ways. Maximizing the potential of a small house can be accomplished through the implementation of creative interior design ideas



A smart hack that’s often left unexplored is glass. On tables, shelves, wardrobes, and everywhere possible. Glass and its transparency brings down clutter, opens out rooms, make them look stylish and classy without the big spends. Glass is also durable and works with any kind of home decor.

Get inspired by this small bedroom space idea � Asian Paints


Storage beds are best to make the most of your small bedroom space. Be it a bed with built-in storage, a makeshift clothes basket that you want to stow under the bed or even a sofa with drawers, this is one hack that when decided early makes way for unused and heavy items, leaving space for other things in the room. This is also surprisingly a cheap home decor idea, because you save so much in creating unnecessary extra cabinets and shelves.

These smart ideas for small apartments can work with your existing decor. The ability to imagine and create with less makes house decoration an exciting task, and one which every homeowner should be proud of.


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