Bedroom Colours: 8 Colour Combination Ideas for Master Bedroom


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Master Bedroom Colour Combination

Colour combination

8 Master Bedroom Colour Combinations from Asian Paints

The master bedroom is an important part of the house since it creates a space to rejuvenate and relax after a long tiring day. However, the bedroom interior design should be on point to create a desirable space that will make a person feel comfortable and peaceful. The master bedroom colour combination should be selected according to the mood and vibe that you want to create for yourself in the bedroom.

Which is The Best Master Bedroom Colour Combination?

Colours play an important role in invoking certain emotions and creating an overall mood in the space. Therefore, it is important to select a master bedroom colour scheme as per the mood you want to set for yourself while in the bedroom. It is also important to select a master bedroom colour as per vastu to attract and maintain the right energy in the bedroom.

What is The Most Relaxing Master Bedroom Wall Colour Combination?

A master bedroom colour combination of white and blue can create a relaxing environment for restful sleep throughout the night. Using cool neutral colours along with a combination of white shades can also create a relaxing effect in the master bedroom. You can also select from vastu colours for the master bedroom as per the direction of your bedroom to attract peaceful energies.

In this article, we are going to look at the 8 best colour combinations for a master bedroom that you can select for creating a revitalizing space.


1.  Blue and White for the Master Room Colour Combination


If you want to create a perfect environment for relaxing after a tiring day, then blue and white is the best colour combination for the master bedroom. You can select a lighter shade of blue for the walls while selecting a white colour for the ceiling. The décor combination can be matched with the shade of blue to complement it perfectly. Use Morning Sky colour (7249) along with Absolute White colour (L161) as the combination of colours for the master bedroom.


2.  Green and White for Master Bedroom Wall Colour Combination


The green colour provides a feeling of being in nature while promoting a sense of healing. Green and White can be the perfect master room colour combination where the walls display a dark green shade with the ceiling displaying an off-white shade. Use Dark Drama colour (7677) along with White Cheese colour (L177) as the master room colour combination.


3.  Master Bedroom Colour Combination Using Shades of Cream Colour


Often people have the question of what colours make a room look bigger and brighter. Using shades of cream colour can instantly make a room look brighter and thereby make it look spacious. Use a dark and light shade of cream colour as the wall colour combination for the master bedroom. Use the combination of Crescent colour (7948) and Light Butter-N (L189) for the master bedroom.


4.  Best Colour Combination for Master Bedroom with Teal and Off-White Colours


Teal colour can provide a vitalizing feeling while maintaining the energy of serenity in the bedroom. Pair that with an off-white shade and you will have a wonderful colour combination for your master bedroom. Use Emerald Satin colour (7502) along with a Lap of Himalaya colour (L186) as a colour combination for your master bedroom.


5.  Create a Unique Monochromatic Look with White and Grey Colour


Create a unique look for your master bedroom by choosing the right shades of white and grey colour. This colour combination can also make your bedroom look brighter and more spacious than usual. Use Biennale White colour (L162) along with Grey Jay-N colour (K089) to create a unique and brighter look for your bedroom.


6.  Create a Youthful and Luxurious Bedroom with Purple and Cream Colours


If you want to experience a feeling of royalty, luxury, and youthfulness, then using purple colour in your bedroom is the best choice. The pair of purple and cream colours can prove to be the best colour combination for the master bedroom to experience royalty. Use Indigo Wine-N colour (9592) along with Air Breeze colour (9436) to create a perfect combination for your bedroom.


7.  Orange and Red as The Right Master Bedroom Colours as per Vastu


The direction of the master bedroom plays an important role in selecting the right colour as per Vastu Shastra. You can choose the master bedroom colour as per vastu depending upon the facing direction of the bedroom. Here are some colour options as per the direction of your bedroom.

·       East Facing: Red colour shades or Orange colour can be selected for the home painting of the bedroom if it faces this direction.

·       South Facing: If your bedroom faces the south direction, then orange or red is an appropriate option to choose for your bedroom walls.

·       Southeast Facing: Lighter shades of orange or red colour can be used if your bedroom faces the southeast direction.


8.  Golden or White for Master Bedroom Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls


·       North Facing: Colours such as ivory white or light blue can be used if your master bedroom faces this direction.

·       West Facing: Golden and White can be used as a master bedroom two-colour combination for bedroom walls for this direction.

·       Northwest: Another direction where you can use golden or white colour for your bedroom walls is the northwest direction.



1. Which colour is best for the master bedroom?

Lighter shades of colours such as blue, green, and teal, are the best to create a calm and peaceful vibe in the master bedroom. You can also include colours such as beige, cream, and white in your master bedroom


2. What is the most relaxing colour for the master bedroom?

Blue can be the most relaxing colour for the master bedroom when paired with white colour. You can use a lighter shade of green to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom


3. What colours make a room look bigger and brighter?

Lighter shades of colours such as beige, white, and cream, can make a room look bigger and brighter. You can use a combination of cream colour for the walls and white colour for the ceiling.


How can Asian Paints help you choose the best master bedroom colour combination?


Choose the right master bedroom Asian Paints room colour combination from the Asian Paints colour catalogue. Asian Paints provides free colour consultation online that you can use to select the right colour combination for your master bedroom. Asian Paints provides colour experts and unique visualization technology that will help you to choose the right colours for your walls. You can use the colour consultation service online for free, try now!


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