8 Signature Features Of A Modern Kitchen Design


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8 Signature Features of a Modern Kitchen Design


 The signs to look for when you’re planning a kitchen with a decidedly modern aesthetic

Novice or chef extraordinaire, a frequent user or a rare visitor in search of coffee and conversation—a kitchen means different things to different members of a household, but its importance is undisputed. So, what is an ideal kitchen all about? Fuss-free practicality? Sure. Great looks? Definitely. Efficient and comfortable? Indeed. And that’s why the modernist kitchen finds favour with the modern homemaker. The preference for clean lines, muted shades and a general inclination to keepings things simple were the harbinger of modernism in architecture, which evolved sometime around the mid-20th century. It consciously broke away from the architectural styles of the pre-Industrial Revolution era—think Victorian or Gothic or Renaissance, which were heavy on ornamentation. And as inevitably happens, the architectural expression of modernism slowly spilled into interiors as well. So, how did the trend change people’s outlook to kitchen interior design? In a word, simply!

Chic & luxury modern kitchen designs� Asian Paints
With clean lines, neutral hues and muted geometry, this is the perfect example of an aesthetically functional modern kitchen.

Characterised by its sleek, clean look and feel, effective modern kitchen décor brings to mind Leonardo Da Vinci’s immortal words: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Sounds inspiring? Given that effective kitchen interior is made up of many elements—cabinets, countertops, tiles, kitchen layout—let’s find out what a modern kitchen deems to be essential kitchen components.

Stylish & modern kitchen design ideas � Asian Paints
Uncomplicated and uncluttered design that allows for an easy-to-use range of kitchen cabinets and drawers.


Less is always the way to go when you choose to cast your kitchen interior design in the modern aesthetic. Keeping that in mind, kitchen cabinet designs should be streamlined and simple. Account for a range of storage options—pull-out drawers, waste bins, opening systems, corner units and midway wall items. Most importantly, keep it clean. A modern kitchen has no place for clutter.


Modern kitchen décor means choosing appliances that reflect a similar aesthetic, and that includes everything from your choice of food processor and coffeemaker to refrigerator, dishwasher, and even the chimneys. They should be space-efficient and sleek to fit in comfortably with your kitchen’s overarching modern sensibility.

Lovely modern kitchen decor ideas� Asian Paints
Space-friendly appliances that bring in a modern aesthetic and purpose to this kitchen.
Wooden themed modern kitchen design � Asian Paints
This modern kitchen encompasses symmetrical square tiles making the space a visual treat.


Bid adieu to abstract patterns or floral wall tiles. Modern kitchen design is practically a lesson in long-forgotten geometry—angles, squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, boxes and even globes. You can either go low-key, with a no-nonsense geometric background or opt for a bold centre of attention, depending on how well the design of the tiles complements the other kitchen components. Follow the same rule when you pick the floor tiles too.



Think stark, earthy hues when it comes to the right wall paint design for your modern kitchen. You can choose gentler shades like pale blue, cool grey and off-white. If you have a fondness for pastel shades or candy colours, you will be hard-pressed to accommodate them in a modern kitchen; it has little or no space for such shades. If you are the adventurous kind, use red, orange, green, blue or yellow in muted shades to enliven your kitchen. For a dramatic look, throw in accents in reds, blues or purples for that quintessential modern kitchen design feel.

Elegant modern yellow kitchen design � Asian Paints
A bright pop of yellow brings familiar warmth and a happy vibe to this kitchen space.


The right countertop can make or break the design code of a modern kitchen interior. Whether you are up for a kitchen renovation or designing a new space, choose your countertop material wisely.  Keep in mind the determining factors of great countertop surface material and you’ll rarely go wrong in your choice—maintenance, durability and visual appeal. And do remember, a modern kitchen countertop should be sleek and clean in appearance.


White modern kitchen bar counter design � Asian Paints
A marble countertop is a sleek, durable and low maintenance option for this modern kitchen.
  • Marble: Bright and white, most graceful countertops are made of marble. However, being a soft stone, it requires careful constant protection and maintenance from stains and scratches. 

  • Granite: Hardy and available in quite a few colours, granite is the most sought-after countertop material for a modern kitchen. 

  • Soapstone: If your modern kitchen demands a darker countertop, soapstone is a good option.

  • Quartz: Low maintenance and more stain-resistant than granite, quartz has a wider colour range too. 

  • Slate: If subtle is your style, think slate. However, it is a scratch-prone material but the upside is that those marks can be buffed easily.


Modern kitchen design demands simplistic, slick and efficient hardware. Ornate and fussy finishing touches should make way for clean and functional designs in stainless steel, chrome or brushed- nickel finishes.  Choose simple handles instead of knobs on cabinet doors. If you have space for seating, use non-fussy bar stools or slick leather chairs.

Trendy kitchen designs for small space � Asian Paints
Functional handles and no-fuss, earthy seating adds that simplistic yet functional touch to the cooking area.
Latest & modern minimalist kitchen design � Asian Paints
Circular pendant lights with a metallic finish make sure that this kitchen is well-lit and gentle on the eyes.


Probably the most underrated interior design elements, correct lighting is important in multiple ways. A modern kitch    en interior design demands flexible, diverse and sophisticated lighting. Halogens and recessed lighting ensure the striking appearance that modern kitchen demands. Let’s not forget that they increase the cool quotient of the space by several degrees too. 

These lights can be placed under ceilings or cabinets, are marvellous space savers and have the added benefit of creating an artistic dance of light and shadow. Pendant lights in metallic or chrome finish are also great choices for a smart and modern kitchen interior. They are way softer, smarter and flattering than spotlights.


Whether you want a small kitchen design or are planning a larger space, the objectives of good kitchen design are the same—form and function. A great-looking kitchen interior is one that is efficient and comfortable in as well. An ideal modern kitchen should be fuss-free, durable and easy to maintain. Then, of course, it’s always a good idea to maximise storage space and look for ways to improve user convenience.

Kitchen appliances ideas for small space � Asian Paints
Functional kitchen appliances that make up the soul of this convenient kitchen.
Minimal & modern kitchen sink design � Asian Paints
This combination of old-world charm and modern design incorporating a sturdy faucet and sink makes this kitchen smooth-functioning.


A modern kitchen design is one that not only checks the boxes when it comes to cool functionality but makes a great aesthetic statement too. Now, if you find that you’re equipped with enough knowledge to dream up that perfect modern kitchen, we suggest you get cracking and make it a stylish reality.  


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8 Signature features of a modern kitchen design

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