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9 Benefits of Wooden Furniture


While there are many varieties of furniture material available today, like steel, stone, iron, plastic, etc., wooden furniture still tops the list for most buyers. Wood has historically been the choice material for crafting furniture. You can often find wooden furniture in all types of designs and looks that will be sure to suit your style and match your needs.

There is something so timeless and versatile about wooden furniture. An aesthetic that has retained its relevance from ancient times to present day. With high-quality wood paints you can glorify the look of the wood pieces and shield it from cracks, swelling and stains. 

Here are some reasons why wood furniture is the preferred choice in most Indian homes.



Wood has beautiful grain patterns and textures which make it stand out, compared to other furniture materials. That’s why it never goes out of style. Applying the ideal wood paint can highlight its patterns and make the wooden furniture look even more exquisite. Some of them provide excellent grain clarity and retain the gloss level or sheen of the furniture for years. 



A very obvious advantage of having wooden furniture is that it is extremely durable and strong. When investing in furniture like a dining table, or a sofa for your living room or even a wardrobe for your bedroom, it’s better to opt for teakwood, or any other kind of strong solid wood. If maintained well, kept away from direct source of sunlight or moisture, the wood of the furniture will last longer and not even look aged. A good way to make sure that it looks as good as new is to use wood polish or finishing it with an Italian ultra-luxury polyurethane wood coating which has the strongest film that protects it from scratches, stains and heat.



Wood furniture requires minimal and effortless cleaning and maintenance. As long as you don’t expose it to harsh sunlight or moisture, it’s very easy to maintain its charm. Just clean it with a soft cloth and wood polish at regular intervals. 



Wood furniture stays intact across all climatic conditions. With an excellent wood paint like Italian Emporio PU which has a high-abrasion film, it can withstand almost all temperatures, as they shrink or expand with the wood.



Whether they are intricately carved or are just a plain panel of wood, the style of wooden furniture, however old, is here to stay. The beauty of wood can uplift the mood and ambience of the entire room. Wooden furniture offers elegance, charm and sophistication to any space, and that’s why you can even make it as the focal point of your room. 



If you want to do your bit for the environment, then buying wooden furniture is the way to go. It can be reused and recycled too, which means, you can fashion outstanding furniture from old, reclaimed wood pieces too. These wooden pieces infact, can look very dramatic because of their distressed look, hence adding to the beauty of the piece. You can even choose to coat them with a water-based wood paint, if you want to opt for another eco-friendly measure. They have very low odour and toxicity, so they’re safe not only for nature but also for children and the elderly.



Unlike many other furniture materials, wooden furniture can look good in almost any kind of setting. It can be a part of any interior design scheme, be it rustic, modern, traditional or bohemian. You can give them any shape and form. Another unique thing about wooden furniture is that it can be modified over a period of years, by painting it with a wood finish that can breathe new life into it. With clear or coloured wood paints that have high gloss retention level, you can give a complete makeover to your furniture.



Although you might pay a steep price in the beginning while getting a new furniture made, look at it as a long term if not lifetime investment. The natural grain of the wood guarantees that each piece of it is different and unique. All different looks and designs of wooden furniture come with an inherent classic and ageless look.



Not only is wood a great material for creating conventional furniture like beds, cabinets, tables, chairs, etc. they can also be used for modelling unconventional and artistic pieces such as wall coverings, picture frames, bookshelves, coffee tables, nightstands, laptop tables, etc.  You can let your imagination run wild when it comes to placing wooden furniture in any part of your home or office. You can also experiment and play with various colour tones of wood paints to give all pieces of furniture a distinctive and stylized look. Some wood paints come with international special effects such as, a stringy thread texture, marble finish, starlit night sky, etc.


A finish benefits wood in two basic ways: protection and decoration. 

Protection means safety from moisture, or protection from scratches, dirt, and wear. Decoration means the finish showcases the wood’s natural beauty, colour, figure patterns, grain, and depth. It also enhances the wood’s appearance by hiding defects.

While there are many types of wood finishes or wood paints available, the most prominent ones are clear and coloured coatings. They can be applied on the interior as well as exterior wood surfaces, and are available in both oil-based and water-based formulations.

You can give your wooden furniture a super mirror-esque finish, a semi-gloss, rich matt or dead matt look with clear coatings. Water-based coatings which give off a soft matt look, have low odour and VOC, making them child safe & environment safe. Coloured coatings add a pop of colour and a unique style to your wood furnishings. These wood paints are available in numerous shades and finishes and are imported from Italy.

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