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Waterproof Chemicals: Ultimate Home Protection for Beginners

Water seepage and leakage can ruin the structural integrity and the cosmetic appearance of any house. And this damage can dramatically decrease the worth of your home. Your home, even when it is made of superior quality cement, the toughest concrete, and steel, is still vulnerable to harsh weather conditions outside. So if you want your dream home to stand the test of time, and not erode over time, chemical waterproofing is an ideal solution. Using the best waterproofing chemical is just as important as the waterproofing process itself.

Some of the common water seepage issues such as dampness, efflorescence, mold formation, etc, occur due to the lack of using the best waterproofing chemical or the usage of poor materials. So to help you avoid making these mistakes, we have curated this ultimate guide where we highlight the best waterproof chemical for wall, concrete, slab, and more! So keep reading further for more insights

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Asian Paints SmartCare Solutions - Best Waterproofing Chemicals and Products

Waterproofing is the process of making a structure water-resistant, which helps to reduce the humidity inside the house, and minimizes the damage caused due to water exposure. While waterproofing is important to ensure the structural longevity of the house, using the best waterproofing chemical for concrete and cement structures is just as important. Hence we have curated a list of the best waterproofing chemicals, and products you can take note of -


Best Waterproofing Chemicals

Grout and Epoxy

This is best used as a cement waterproofing chemical, and for concrete structures to stop and prevent the spreading of cracks. This water resistant chemical for wall is required to be injected into the cracks, or by drilling holes into the surface to insert the compound. A sealant is formed which results in creating a water-resisting barrier, giving the ultimate protection. 


Vinyl Ester Resin

This chemical compound is mostly used for concrete surfaces as a way to prevent acid and corrosion damage. The resin creates a waterproof membrane that safeguards against moisture and water damage. 



This is one of the best waterproof chemical for wall plaster which is used for roof waterproofing and on exposed areas. It is also one of the most expensive chemical waterproofing methods available in the market.



This is also considered one of the best waterproof chemical for wall plaster. It is a resilient and flexible protective coating, known for being water-resistant, abrasion resistant, and very strong. This chemical compound also contains antibacterial properties, for that extra protection.


Poly acrylic

This is one of the most common and superior qualities waterproofing chemical for concrete structures. This is the best waterproofing chemical for slab used to seal leakages on walls and also used for terrace waterproofing. This wall waterproofing chemical is used only by experts, and highly trained professionals, and the compound is often mixed with cement in the final step to seal the cracks.


Best SmartCare Chemical Waterproofing Products

The following are the best chemical waterproofing products from Asian Paints - 


Vitalia Neo

An integral liquid waterproofing compound, SmartCare Vitalia Neo features superior plasticizing properties for cement, concrete, mortar, and plasters that strengthen mixtures, and reduce water permeability, and resist crack formation due to shrinkage.


Repair Polymer

This SBR-based economical repair and preventive waterproofing coating is the best waterproofing chemical for slabs. SmartCare Repair Polymer is recommended as a repairing and bonding agent for concrete/mortar structures like spalled concrete - floors, chajjas, beams, slabs as it bonds old and new concrete surfaces strongly with plasters.

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Benefits of Home Waterproofing Using Water Leak Proof Chemical


The following are some of the home waterproofing advantages - 

  1. Prevents unwanted moisture from seeping into your walls.

  2. The use of the best waterproofing chemicals prevents damage caused due to seepage which may ruin the structural integrity of the house.

  3. It can help prevent rusting of metal, and decaying of wood caused due to seeping moisture.

Asian Paints Smart Solutions with Waterproofing Best Chemical Products

Looking for reliable and expert chemical waterproofing solutions? We have heard you!

Asian Paints, Beautiful Home Services not only help to revamp your interior decor, and design, but also suggest waterproofing solutions to safeguard the aesthetic and structural integrity of your dream abode.

Our stellar team of highly professional experts not only help to identify the issue, but also solve the problem through our range of  SmartCare Chemical Waterproofing solutions. We use the best waterproofing chemicals which makes our products incredibly effective. So book your appointment with our experts today!


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