Pooja Room: Best Pooja Room Colour Combinations From Asian Paints


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Colour combination

Pooja Room Colour

Best Pooja Room Colour Combinations From Asian Paints

A pooja room is a dedicated space in the house which is created to offer prayer to deities present in the Indian culture. A pooja room radiates energy of peace, unity, and tranquillity throughout the living space. It is necessary to choose the pooja room colours as per vastu to magnify and maintain the right energy throughout the house.

Colours play an important role in setting up the energy and atmosphere of a particular living space. Selecting the right pooja room colour combinations can help to create a pious atmosphere suitable for meditation and prayer. Here’s a look at different pooja room colour ideas to create the perfect space for a spiritual setting in your house.

Use Divine Yellow for Pooja Room Colour Combination


Yellow colour shade is one of the best pooja room colour ideas that you can select for a pooja room colour design. Yellow colour stimulates feelings of happiness, hope, and confidence which is often selected for pooja room painting ideas. Use Tangerine Yellow-N colour (9874) from the paint catalogue of Asian Paints to give an essence of divinity to your pooja room.


Textured Golden Colour Combination for Pooja Room


Most urban houses don’t have a dedicated space to create a separate pooja room. In such cases, it is best to create an accent wall with the right pooja room colour combination for your prayer. Use a golden colour to differentiate your prayer space from the rest of the room by creating a wonderful accent wall. Pair the golden colour with combing wall texture from Asian Paints to create a divine-looking prayer space.


Orange Colour Combination for Pooja Room


Flowers offered to deities often resemble the warm colour palette which includes colours such as orange and yellow. Orange colour shades is a recommended pooja room colour as per vastu that you can pair with brown accents. Use Orange Crush colour (7959) from Asian Paints to create a pooja room painting design with a pious and meditative effect.


Pooja Room Colour Combinations with Shades of White


Choosing a white paint colour for the pooja room can create a devotional atmosphere that every person needs during a prayer. White colour is associated with cleanliness, purity, and simplicity which is perfect for a pooja room painting design. Ideally, if you are using white marble to create the base of your pooja room, then the white colour will perfectly complement the walls. Use Absolute White colour (L161) from Asian Paints for your pooja room colour design.


Soulful Green for Pooja Room Colour


Green is another recommended colour that can be used in the pooja room colour combination. The green paint colour for the pooja room can complement the white accents that can be used in different places. Use River Cruise (7680) Asian Paints pooja room colour to create a soulful pooja room atmosphere.



1. Which is the best colour for the pooja room?

Yellow colour is one of the best pooja room colours as per vastu since it represents happiness, hope, and confidence. Pooja room colour combinations can also include colours like orange, white, and gold.

2. Which mandir is good for the home, wooden or marble?

A mandir made from marble is the best choice for your home, However, a wooden mandir is also a favourable option to choose. The mandir should be placed in the northeast direction of the house as per Vastu experts.

3. Which colours to avoid in the pooja room?

Pooja room painting ideas that include darker shades of colours should be avoided in a pooja room. Black colour should be completely avoided for pooja room painting ideas.

How can Asian Paints help you with choosing & applying the best pooja colour combinations?


Asian Paints provides free colour consultation online that you can use to select the appropriate pooja room colour combinations. Asian Paints provides an expert colour consultant and unique visualisation technology that will help you to choose the right colours for your walls. You can use the Safe Painting Service by Asian Paints for safe and precise house painting services.


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15 FEB 2023

Best Pooja Room Colour Combinations Ideas for Your Home - Asian Paints