How to choose wall colour for your home, which will suit your needs?

Colours can entirely change the look of any interior space and have a powerful effect on our moods and emotions. You can create different effects with different tones while expressing your design aesthetic. It is important to always consider how different wall paint effects make you feel. Room colours affect our mood and whether you want to go for a classic and chic or a bright and bold look, you can set up a tone for your living space by making the correct palette choice. So let us explore the world of different room colours and their effects on our living space. 

Neutral colours

Neutral colours are versatile in nature and give a seamless and cohesive look to your space. Wall painting with light colour effects create a sense of calmness and soothness. This set of colours also allow you to add pops of colour in the form of artwork and decorative pieces that can be upgraded from time to time to give your room a new look and feel. They are also the best when it comes to articulating the feeling of sophistication and modern style. Therefore, neutral room colours affect our mood by making us feel cosy and relaxed while creating an elegant and balanced atmosphere around you.  

Brown Wall with White Sofa Set � Asian Paints


Grey and Beige Colour Combination � Asian Paints

- Grey: Grey is classic and timeless in nature. This colour brings comfort and warmth and is always edgy.

- White: White wall paint [AP1] effect is versatile and makes the room feel more open and spacious. White is known to make you feel cosy, cool and refreshing.

- Beige: Beige has the warmth of brown and the lightness of white. Beige is known to be calm and relaxing and pleasing to the eyes.

- Black: Black looks best with modern interior designs and is definately suitable if you are looking for an open floor plan. Black can effectively communicate power and luxuary, but one must be careful as too much black can seem as gloomy.

- Brown: Brown wall colour is pleasingly aesthetic that gives a sense of comfort and simplicity. It also creates a sense of earthiness and connection to nature making a room feel more grounded and rooted.

Warm Colours

Warm room colours affects the mood by evoking feelings of happiness, excitement and optimism. Using warm wall paint effects are ideal for rooms that lack natural light to make them appear brighter. This wall paint effect not only influence your mood but also have the power to change the feel of the room. Warm colours make a space feel more stimulating while creating an energetic vibe. These shades are also generally used in larger rooms to make them feel more intimate and hospitable. 

Warm Colour Combination for Living Room � Asian Paints


Red Tone Colour Combination for Living Room � Asian Paints

- Red: This is a bold and powerful colour that creates a dramatic effect on your walls. It elevates the energy in the room and creates a sense of excitement. Red is often used in kitchens and dining areas to stimulate appetite and conversations.

- Orange:  Orange is warm yet energetic in nature. Its warmth enhances enough energy to stimulate conversation and help people connect while sidestepping the blood-pressure raising effects of red. 

- Yellow: Yellow is the colour of happiness. It perfectly captures the joy of sunshine and creates a cheerful, warm and inviting atmosphere.

- Gold: Gold is a timeless colour colour that feels warm and luxurious at the same time.This hue is perfect to add radiance, opulence and drama to any setting. 

Cool colours

Cool colour wall paint effects are known to spark creativity and are also a symbol of good health and prosperity. These room colours afects the mood by keeping you centered and calm. This set of colours have a visually refreshing touch to them and are reminiscent of natural settings like the sky, ocean and plants. This quality makes cool colours perfect for creating a rejuvenating and peaceful ambience. Additionally they also make a room feel more spacious and airy, making them ideal for smaller spaces. 

Cool Colour Combination for Bedroom � Asian Paints


Blue Colour Combination for Living Room � Asian Paints

- Blue: Blue is known to be calm and cool. This colour helps to lower your blood pressure, respiration, heart rate and also encourages clear thinking and productivity

- Purple: Purple wall colour is simply is a royal affair. This colour can make any room feel rich and sophisticated. Lighter variants of purple, such as lavender, mulberry, or lilac can be used to bring the a calming experience to your interiors.

- Green: Green is the colour of nature. It is known to have relaxing effects with a sense of tranquility, composure and quiet. Green is also known to bring an effect of harmony and life. 

Pastel colours

Pastel wall paint effects are often associated with smoothness, softness and innocence. Pastel colours like light pink, baby blue and lavender create a gentle and delicate ambience, making your room feel cute and quiet. Pastel colours also have a whimsical quality and create a strong design statement. They also reflect light well and can make your room feel more brighter and spacious.

Pastel Blue Colour Combination for Bedroom � Asian Paints


Patel Pink Colour Combination for Bedroom � Asian Paints

- Pastel pink: This is the colour of love and joy. The Pink effect adds a lively, positive vibe to your space, with a hint of romance and playfulness.

- Peach: This uncommon colour gives a charming look to any room. This colour is pleasant and friendly and simply breathes life into any room.

- Cream: If white is too plain for you, then cream is here for your rescue. Cream creates a light and airy atmosphere and also acts as the perfect foundation for any other design element you want to add to your room

Now that you are aware of different room colours and their effects on your wall, it is time to give your room the makeover it deserves.  With Asian Paints , you can  achieve harmony by choosing from a rhythm of colours that suit your taste and temperament to create a space where you will feel comfortable. Choose Asian Paint’s Safe Painting Services with expert wall painters  to uplift your room and mood today!


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