10 Front Door Paint Colour Ideas

The front door of your home is an essential element in your interior design that can leave a lasting impression on the guests. Choosing the right exterior door colour is a simple and effective way to enhance the curb appeal of your home and showcase your unique style. 

If you are looking for inspiration to choose the right door paint design, here are 10 front door paint colours that can add a touch of personality to your home interior design.

Eternal Red

The classic red front door paint design radiates warmth, charm, and a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. This main door paint design complemented with unique architectural styles and added wall colour combination will enhance the overall look of your house. For an exciting contrast with your door colour paint design, combine it with white trim and lush green leaves.

Blue Front Door Combinations - Asian Paints

Elegant Navy Blue

Navy blue is a versatile and sophisticated colour choice for an elegant front door colour combination. It adds elegance and depth to the exterior of your home through the main door paint design.
This rich shade works well with white, beige, or grey front door paint colours for a timeless and sophisticated look.

Yekkiw Front Door Combinations - Asian Paints

Cheerful Yellow

Create an environment of cheer with a bright yellow door paint design. This vibrant shade will instantly lift the look of your home and add a sunny vibe to your door colour design.

 Pair it with neutral or light-coloured walls to create an attractive contrast to the door colour paint design.

Green Front Door Combinations - Asian Paints

Calming Sage Green

For a fresh and calm vibe with your door colour combination, consider painting your front door with a soft sage green. This muted tone creates a sense of calm and blends perfectly with traditional and modern front door paint colours. 

Complete this door colour combination look with potted plants and natural accents on the front porch.

Black Front Door Combinations - Asian Paints

Timeless Black

Black is a classic choice that exudes sophistication and will never go out of style for your door colour. A black front door colour design adds a touch of drama and elegance to your home's entrance, making it a charming focal point for the rest of the house. 

Whether your main door colour design is light or dark, this colour selection ensures timeless beauty.

Bold Orange

If you are looking for a dynamic and playful look with your wooden door paint colours, a bold orange front door is a great choice. This bold and lively door colour demands attention and works harmoniously with neutral or earth tones. 

You can pair this main door colour combination with sky-blue exterior walls for a pleasant contrast.

Teal Front Door Combinations - Asian Paints

Soft Grey

A soft grey door colour design offers versatility and understated elegance for your exterior design. It blends effortlessly with a variety of architectural styles and allows other elements of your home's exterior done by your exterior house painters to shine. 

Pair this best door colour with white trim for a classic and clean aesthetic.

Sky Front Door Combinations - Asian Paints

Coastal Teal

Teal is a refreshing, contemporary choice from different door paint colours that provides a lively vibe to your home. This best door colour adds a bright appearance to your main door colour combination while maintaining a touch of sophistication. 

This shade is perfect for coastal or beach-style homes, creating a cool and inviting atmosphere.

Red Front Door Combinations - Asian Paints

Majestic Burgundy

If you desire a grand statement and a sense of opulence with your door paint colours, consider a rich burgundy front door. This luxurious main door colour design adds an elegant touch and complements both traditional and contemporary architectural styles. 

Combine it with neutral tones for a captivating look.

Pink Front Door Combinations - Asian Paints

Quirky Pink

For a glamorous and whimsical look with your door painting ideas, a pastel pink front door is a good choice. It creates a feminine and inviting atmosphere that leaves a nice impression.

 Pair it with a white or light grey exterior for creating soft and romantic front door paint colour pictures.

When choosing door paint colours for your front door, consider the overall style, architectural features, and setting of your home. Don't be afraid to experiment with different door painting ideas to find the one that perfectly reflects your personality and adds charm to your home. These 10 front door colour ideas will help you create an unforgettable entrance that will set the tone for your home's interior.


1. Which colour paint is best for doors?

Orange, black, navy blue, red, grey, etc are some fun and trending colours that you can consider for your front door. The best part about these colours is that they are so versatile that they almost go with all styles of the home exterior.

2. Which is the best colour for a wooden door?

If you want your wooden door to make a statement, then burgundy, orange, bold red, olive green, yellow are some hues that you must consider using this year. These wooden door colours complement both traditional and contemporary architectural styles of homes. 

3. What is the most durable paint for doors?

You can choose a semi-gloss or gloss finish paint to provide durability to your front door. This type of finish will safeguard the door against external weather conditions and wear and tear that happens with time. It will also be easier to clean and maintain compared to other types of paint finishes.

4. What is the best paint for a door in direct sunlight?

Teal is a refreshing colour choice for a door in direct sunlight as it provides a lively vibe to your home. This main door colour adds a bright appearance to your main door colour combination while maintaining a cooling effect even in direct sunlight. This shade is perfect for coastal or beach-style homes, creating a cool and inviting atmosphere.

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