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Home Interior Design Ideas For A Studio Apartment 


Homes come in various shapes and sizes. A castle is a home, a penthouse is a home and an apartment is a home. What makes a house a home is not the size, not the location and not the decor. It is the people who live in it that make it a home. Size doesn’t matter. Especially if you are a bachelor or a newly-married couple.                                        

A studio apartment is not a new concept. It is one continuous living space that serves all the different functions of a full-size house in one place. It takes a special kind of dedication to decorating such a living space that doesn’t leave too much scope to showcase different ideas without intruding upon each other.

In the Spanish language, a studio apartment is called “Monoambiente”. While it means a studio apartment, it translates to “Single Ambience”. But a studio apartment interior home design doesn’t have to be a single-ambience living space. Every space within can be demarcated clearly, according to its function, to stand out as a single part of a harmonious whole.

Here we’ll look at some home decor ideas that enable a studio apartment to be a complete home without compromising on space and the ambience.

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By definition, a studio apartment is one big open space. This can be an overwhelming sensation for people who are used to a more conventional house with different rooms. Especially in India where the concept of a studio apartment is not so prevalent. We Indians are used to clearly demarcated spaces serving their respective functions.

The best way to create order out of this potential chaos is to demarcate each section of the apartment according to the function it serves. While a wall would be very impractical, there are other more elegant ways to mark a boundary. A rug or a carpet is one of the simplest ways to assign space.

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The kitchen can be marked with the cooking stove and the kitchen island which can also serve as the dining table. The bed very obviously marks the bedroom. A canopy bed is a good idea in a studio apartment because of the privacy it offers.

Similarly, a couple of chairs around a coffee table marks the sitting area or the living room. Such home interior decor ideas which divide the space into smaller sections make the big open space less intimidating and also makes it well-organised.


An accent wall works wonderfully well in a studio apartment. A wall painted a different colour or texture than the rest of the apartment stands out and highlights a part of the apartment. It is a beautiful way to add an extra visual dimension to the apartment.

The accent wall can be used to highlight the sleeping or the sitting area of the apartment. It will add a dash of order to the wide expanse of the studio apartment. It will give a sense of cosiness to the space by breaking up the continuity of the rest of the walls painted in the same colour.

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The wall behind the bed is an ideal location for an accent wall as it would anchor the space and define it as the sleeping space within the open floor plan. A dark accent wall paint colour will also add a bit of intimacy to what is essentially an open space within the apartment.


Partitions are a useful design feature that gives structure to a studio apartment. Partitions came in many forms. The most popular ones people know of are the folding wooden partitions that are the quintessential examples of their kind. They are a great combination of form and function.

Partitions are available in many shapes, forms and designs. The Chinese partitions come adorned with paper and are covered in beautiful designs that are a sight to behold. They are a great design element that offers privacy along with the much-needed order to the open space.

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Partitions can serve one more practical purpose. They can double up as shelves that give an extra shelf space, where space is at a premium. This is a great example of design meets function.

Thus, in this case, it is the partitions which bring harmony by providing a structure to the wide open space.


Space is at a premium in a studio apartment. The furniture has to be just right so as not to overwhelm the apartment with too many pieces. The best furniture would be the one that serves dual-purposes and takes up as less space as possible. Furniture with built-in storage space is also very desirable.

A bed which can store beddings and bedsheets or a desk with storage for books and other things are some of the most easily identifiable examples of this. Lightweight furniture is the best-suited type of furniture as it doesn’t appear to take up too much space and yet is perfectly functional as comfortable furniture.

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There are options available for modular furniture which has beautiful space-saving features like beds which fold into walls, desks which fold out into full-sized dining tables and chairs which take up the minimum amount of space.

It is a fun challenge to be able to make a studio apartment as comfortable as a full-sized home within the small space constraints set by the very nature of the studio apartment.


Not all studio apartments are created equal. Some are blessed with an unexpected extra space in the form of an alcove. This recess in the wall holds great potential when it comes to decorating a studio apartment. It could hold a bookshelf in a book lover’s home or it could house art in an art lover’s home.

The possibilities are exciting. In a studio apartment where space is usually in a linear layout, this small niche of a space promises an opportunity to showcase versatility. If an alcove is big enough, it can be converted into a cosy sitting area or even a reading area, surrounded by books.

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It could accommodate a foldable dining table which can stay neatly tucked out of the way when it is not required.

Practical considerations aside, an alcove is just a bonus which not all studio apartments are lucky to get. With so many possibilities, it is the very definition of versatility in a monotonous space.


A studio apartment is a young space. It is the perfect space for young, single people who are financially constrained or who just want to live an uncomplicated life. No family could imagine living in a studio apartment.

A studio apartment is a veritable treasure trove of possibilities which return rich rewards when done in a systematic manner, keeping the spirit of the living space alive and letting it thrive.



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