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How Long Should You Wait for Paint to Dry Between Coats?

The process of applying a new coat of paint is completed after applying more than one coat of paint. This may give rise to questions such as, “how to dry out paint?”, “how long to wait between coats of paint?”, and “how to dry paint fast?”. To figure out the drying time for paint between coats, it is necessary to look at factors such as the type of paint used, the method of application, and the environmental conditions.

To correctly figure out the drying time for paint between coats, it is necessary to be aware of the different types of time frames for paint drying such as drying, recoating, and paint curing. These time frames will help you to achieve the necessary coating of paint which is required for flawless paintwork.


How to Dry Out Paint Between Different Coats?


·       Paint Drying Time: The paint drying time refers to the time it takes for a wet coating of the paint layer to appear dry and ready for slight touch, also referred to as, “dry to touch”. However, in this time frame, only the top layer of the coating is dry while the layer below the coating is still drying.


·       Paint Recoating Time: The paint recoating time is the main time frame to look for when deciding the time to wait between two coats of paint. After the first coat of paint is applied, the waiting period for the second coat can be between 3-4 hours for water-based paint and as long as 24 hours for oil-based paint. Always check the manufacturer’s guide to know the correct paint recoating time.


·       Paint Curing Time: The curing time of paint is the amount of time required by the coat of paint to harden completely and be ready for daily use. The curing process can take a minimum of 1 week to a maximum of 3 weeks to complete. After the curing time frame is complete, you can place your furniture beside the wall and wash the paintwork when required. The paint cure time wouldn’t affect the time of recoating between two coats of paint.



How Long to Wait Between Coats of Paint?


Once the first coat of paint is applied to the walls, the recoating time will depend on many factors. Water-based paint will have less recoating time compared to oil-based paint. Also, applying the paint through a paint sprayer will require less time to dry compared to applying the paint through a right painting tool like roller or brush. The sheen of the paint will also decide the recoating and paint curing time. Matte paint will dry faster with less paint cure time compared to glossy paint which will require the maximum time for recoating.



1. How to dry paint fast?

Use ventilation by opening the windows and allowing the airflow to dry the paint faster. You can also make use of the ceiling fan or free-standing fan to allow the paint to dry faster.


2. How long does oil paint take to dry?

Oil paint can take 6-8 hours to become dry to the touch and 24 hours to be ready for another coat of paint.


3. How long should the paint dry before putting the furniture back?

The curing time of the paint needs to be completed before putting your furniture back in its place. The time for the paint to cure depends upon the type of paint that is being used for the painting process. The paint curing time can be found by looking at the manufacturer’s guide.


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How Long To Wait Between Coats of Paint?

16 JAN 2023

How Long To Wait Between Coats of Paint?