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How to Apply Paint that Looks Like Wood

A wood grain texture presents an elegant and regal look to any type of furniture placed in the house. However, premium wooden furnishing can be on the higher side of pricing due to which it can cost a fortune to have the wood grain finish. On the other hand, there is a technique known as Faux Bois (translated as false wood in French) that you can use to create a painted wood texture and a wood finish paint for walls.

How to Paint Fake Wood?


You can create a painted wood texture of your own by using simple tools and following the right technique. The wood grain paint effect can be applied to the furniture of your choice to give it the same wooden texture. Here’s a look at how to make fake wood grain by using paint that looks like wood. This technique can also be used on your walls to create wood finish paint for walls.

Materials & Tools Needed


  1. Sanding Block
  2. Sandpaper
  3. Painter’s Tape
  4. Dry Cloth
  5. Newspapers
  6. Acrylic Primer
  7. Natural Bristle Paintbrush
  8. Synthetic Bristle Paintbrush
  9. Paint Mixing Jar
  10. Paint Pan
  11. Clear Acrylic Glaze
  12. 2 Shades of Latex Paint
  13. Wood Grain Rocker
  14. Varnish Paint


Step 1: Prepare Your Workspace Before the Wood Grain Painting


Cover the floor with newspapers to collect the sanding dust and any paint splatters that can stain the floor. Remove any detachable hardware from the furniture such as hinges, knobs, screws, plates etc. Cover the ends of all non-detachable hardware on the furniture with painter’s tape to safeguard from the wood paint.

Wood grain painting for your home - Asian Paints

Step 2: Sanding the Surface Before Applying the Faux Wood Paint


Before applying the wood grain paint, complete the sanding process of the surface by first using a sanding block and then using sandpaper. The sanding process will even out any imperfections caused by fibre present in an upright manner on the surface. Use sandpaper in the grit range of 60-80 for a rough surface and in the grit range of 120-220 for a smooth surface. Wipe the surface properly with a dry cloth to remove any remaining sanding debris


Step 3: Apply the Base Coat of the Wood Grain Paint


The answer to how to make wood colour is to select an appropriate acrylic primer depending upon the material of the surface on which you are working. Use a flat natural bristle paint brush to apply a coat of primer to the surface of the furniture. Let the primer dry as per the instructions given on the product. Start the wood grain painting by applying a coat of your preferred faux wood paint colour with a synthetic bristle paint brush to the entire surface. Apply a second coat of the faux wood paint and let it dry completely.

Faux wood painting for your home - Asian Paints


Step 4: Mix an Acrylic Glaze to Create Paint that Looks Like Wood


Take a paint mixing jar and combine equal parts of the acrylic glaze and the second shade of the colour selected for the faux wood paint. The second colour should be a few shades darker than the base paint to create the wood grain paint effect. Apply the glaze to the entire surface in batches of paint strokes that are 6 inches in width by using a synthetic brush or a roller.


Step 5: How to Make Fake Wood Grain Using Wood Grain Tool


You will need a wood grain rocker for the grain painting to create a wooden texture on the surface. Place the wood grain tool on the top edge of the applied glaze and slide down vertically while rocking the wood grain tool till the bottom edge. Use the wood grain rocker immediately after painting a 6-inch batch of fresh glaze and repeat the process for every batch till the whole surface of the furniture is covered.


Step 6: Corrections and Completing the Grain Painting Process


If you need to correct the wood grain pattern, then simply apply the glaze again on the required area and use the wood grain rocker to create the desired pattern. Let the paint dry completely and then apply varnish on the surface to seal the wooden grain texture. Finally, remove all the painter’s tape from the surface and attach the hardware to the furniture.

Now you know how to make wood colour and how to paint fake wood to create a wooden grain texture of your choice. You can also use this technique to create a wooden finish paint for walls. If you think that the faux bois process is too much to handle, then you can always call for a wood painting service.

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How can Asian Paints help you with wood solutions?


Asian Paints can help to select and execute the right products to preserve the beauty and elegance of your wooden furniture. Asian Paints Safe Painting Service will help to address your wood polish requirements by suggesting the right products and providing the best service. Schedule an appointment now.


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