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How To Stop Leakage Of Plastic Water?

The water tank is an ultimate device used across many buildings to store portable water. Water tanks are usually made of materials like cement or plastic. However, these materials erode and get cracks, and services in the long run. And then arises the problem of cement or plastic water tank leakage, which can get complex to handle. Needless to say that if you do not find an effective solution for plastic water tank leakage, the problem can worsen. The leaking water can seep through the internal walls, and ceilings, and penetrate the roof, causing major structural damage to your home. Hence finding an efficient cement or plastic water tank leakage solution is important. Of course, using a plastic water tank cover does not work as a full-proof solution to the leakage problem.

Hence in this blog, we have listed the ultimate plastic water tank leakage treatment. So keep reading further for more insights!

How to stop leakage of plastic water tank? – Asian Paints

How to Stop Water Leakage from a Plastic Water Tank?

Before we provide you with the answer to how to repair plastic water tank leakage, let us understand the root cause of water leakage from the tank.


One of the possible reasons could be the age of the water tank itself. There could also be a possibility of water leakage from inside the tank. In any case, once you know the cause of the leakage, it will help you with the plastic water storage tank leak repair

Remember that regular maintenance of the water tanks is required to ensure they are healthy. The maintenance not only helps to ensure proper hygiene but also keeps these water-storing units long-lasting. It is advisable to use a plastic water tank cover to ensure it is protected.  Now, let us find out how to repair the plastic water tank leakage


Heating method to stop plastic tank leakage

This method is adopted when the crack’s size is considerably small, and at the top of the water tank. This solution for plastic water tank leakage utilizes soldering iron to fix the crack with tank waterproofing. Professional preheat the soldering iron and touch it on the top of the crack to let the crack melt, join, and dry thoroughly. 

For larger cracks, professionals drill holes alongside the cracks and then proceed with heating the area around the crack using a heat gun, and making a v-groove along the crack with a drill machine’s help. This plastic tank leakage solution supports fixing the backside of the tank as well


Fiberglass to stop plastic tank leakage

In this method, the area where the crack is present needs to be thoroughly cleaned, before applying the fiberglass. Professionals then start applying a single layer of fiberglass on the crack, and then mold it in the desired shape. In this process, experts use resin: a very sticky liquid, to glue fiberglass around the crack. 


Epoxy/ Putty to stop plastic tank leakage

Yet another method to stop plastic tank leakage is by applying epoxy or putty to seal the cracks of the water tanks. In this method, professionals use two compounds to prepare a solution. Once the solution is prepared, experts apply the putty and mold it around the crack, and let it dry completely as per the prescribed time. It is one of the most popular, and highly effective methods to prevent water tank leakage. 

Pro tip - Asian Paints SmartCare FabSeal is a fast-curing epoxy compound that can be used for fixing water tank leaks, plugging holes, and repairing cracks. It does not shrink post-application, thus ensuring maximum sealing or repair. 

Plastic water tank leakage treatment – Asian Paints

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