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All About Waterproofing A Retaining Wall

Every home is as unique as its unique homeowner and their distinct decor taste & architectural design! While every home has a varying decor aesthetic, most homes, whether indoor or outdoors, have a retaining wall. Either to create a terraced entrance to your home or simply add a feature to your lush garden, a concrete retaining wall helps not only create a defined pathway but also upgrades your home design. While you may have a concrete retaining wall in your home for miscellaneous purposes, it is important to remember that waterproofing existing retaining wall is essential to maintain the aesthetics as well as the health of your home!

Whether you’re building a home from its very foundation or waterproofing existing retaining wall, choosing the best retaining wall waterproofing membrane or a waterproof retaining wall membrane, retaining wall sealer can ensure a secured, healthy and errosion-free concrete wall for years on end!

Let’s understand why it is important to waterproof your retaining walls and how to go about it!

How to waterproof a retaining wall?

While a stable and robust concrete wall, proper drainage, and stellar application can help you derive the maximum potential of a retaining wall, a concrete retaining wall also needs to be protected with a waterproof membrane or sealant products to reduce the buildup of hydrostatic pressure. It not only secures the back of your wall from moisture damage and dampness but also controls any discoloration and the possible deterioration of the wall material.

The best retaining wall waterproofing solution is a wateprroofing membrane that effectively seals away water seepage, dampness, and wall breakage and cracks. Whether you do it yourself or choose to get expert assistance from trained professionals like our Asian Paints team, applying a waterproofing membrane and coating it with a sealant waterproofer ensures your retaining wall remains safe and secured for years on end!

Now that you have all the essential retaining wall waterproofing details, are you looking for the best retaining wall waterproofing membrane or waterproof paint for a retaining wall? Asian Paints has the answer to all your queries!

Waterproofing to retain walls - Asian Paints

Discover the best Asian Paints waterproofer products for retaining wall waterproofing

Whether you’re wondering how to waterproof an existing retaining wall or simply waterproof for retaining wall that needs to be secured against water seepage again, we at Asian Paints offer an assured with our best-in-class Smart Care Hydroloc retaining wall sealer!

Unlike prevalent waterproofing chemicals for interiors that need you to break down plaster and provide ineffective waterproofing, Asian Paint’s Smart Care Hydroloc is a one-component, ready-to-use, penetrative-cum-film forming interior waterproofing solution offering an an assured solution against issues like dampness and efflorescence, thus providing consumers with leakage-free homes and a 3-year waterproofing warranty


The following are the key features of our hero product - SmartCare Hydroloc – 

1) Easy to apply with a brush

2) 3 years waterproofing warranty on interior walls

3) Assured protection against dampness and efflorescence


If you want to get trained professionals to oversee the end to end execution of your retaining wall waterproofing, head over to Asian Paints online to find the most reliable and foolproof retaining wall sealer products to secure your concrete surfaces!

Browse through our online portal to not only get more retaining wall waterproofing details but also avail the best retaining wall waterproofing membrane & waterproofing products to secure your concrete retaining wall surfaces for the long haul!



1. What is a retaining wall?

When it comes to your home interior or outdoor landscaping, a retaining wall is simply a strong, rigid concrete wall that is created to support the earth's surface or soil to either retain it at varying levels to ensure a stable surface is maintained. A retaining wall also helps retain the water levels at bay and prevents water seepage or penetration into other home surfaces.Hence it becomes important to invest in solutions to waterproof for retaining wall.


2. How to waterproof an existing retaining wall?

If you’re wondering how to waterproof an existing wall with the best quality, assured and safe solution that safeguards your concrete retaining wall, opt for a waterproof retaining wall membrane or a retaining wall sealer paint that effortlessly locks down the water and moisture content and prevents it from penetrating into your home’s surfaces! 

Check out our retaining wall waterproofing guide that furnishes you with all essential retaining wall waterproofing details!


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