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Interior design concepts in Bangalore


Designing and decorating the interiors of your dream home may seem like a herculean task, but add some structure to it along with the right team of professionals and you’re set. Professionals can help you pick the best interior designs in Bangalore, while adding their insights to ensure that your home has its individual personality.

Here’s how our interior designers can ensure that your project progresses seamlessly from stage to stage till it is handed over to you. 



In the first phase – the planning phase – the designers will present you with a complete drawing of your dream home, including floor plans, the list of materials to be used, colour palette, including the colour of the furniture to be used, and mood board. 

 The detailed conceptual drawings produced by our designers will be inclusive of:-

1. Design elements including windows, wall treatment (wallpapers, covering, trim, paint, etc)

2. Architectural features that include placement, elevation, and measurement of doors, windows, and other sections

3. Thorough ceiling plans, along with the number, types, and placement of lighting fixtures

4. Detailed drawings of floor plans and site plans for perspective



The 2D drawings are designed by the designer with great precision and attention to details, to facilitate your understanding of the design plan. The design sketches and illustrations are complete with the list of the materials and finishes to be used for respective items, along with the placement of plan and elements that will help you visualise your dream home. 


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