Mural Wall: Different Techniques for Painting Mural Walls


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Mural Painting - Explore Different Wall Painting Techniques

If you want to experience more lively walls in your house apart from the regular wall colours and textures, then having a wall mural painting can give you that effect. Selecting a vibrant mural painting design can give an artistic feel to your walls to make them stand out from the regular walls. Various mural painting techniques can be applied to create stunning and mesmerising pieces of artwork on your walls.


How to Prepare Your Walls for a Mural Painting

Even before you start the wall painting process step by step, it is necessary to prepare your wall the right way for a simple mural painting. Here are some preparation steps to ensure before starting your wall mural painting.


Step 1: Select a Wall Painting Design

It is important to have some basic painting ideas in your mind about the type of mural painting you want on your wall. Select a theme and create a rough sketch on paper as a guideline for your mural work on the wall. Selecting a theme or design will be much more helpful to create a mural painting for beginners

Basic mural painting design for your space - Asian Paints

Step 2: Inspect the Wall Thoroughly

Inspect the wall closely to search for moisture damage, unevenness, cracks, or any other kind of defect. If there is a major defect present in the wall, it will need to be fixed before moving on to the mural work on the wall.


Step 3: Cleaning the Wall

Clean the wall properly with a mild foaming solution to get a wall that will be as close to painting a new one. Cleaning the wall will remove any dirt, mould, grease, or grime that may have been present on the wall due to age.


Step 4: Prepare the Wall for Painting

Start by sanding the wall with a sanding block and sandpaper to remove the existing paint as much as possible. Then remove the sanding debris from the wall with the use of a dry cloth and prime the wall by applying a coat of acrylic primer on the entire wall.

Once the wall is ready for painting, you can use different mural techniques to create a dream wall of your choice. You can apply the mural painting techniques of your choice by either going freehand, using the grid method, or the art projector technique. These are how different mural painting techniques the beginner can implement. Here’s a look at the various mural painting



Sponging is one of the most popular mural techniques to create a sense of depth in your artwork. Sponging is ideal to cover a large surface area in your artwork such as fields, clouds, trees, etc. To create a modern mural painting with the sponging technique, wet the sponge and squeeze the excess water from it. Dip the sponge in the acrylic paint, then blot it on a paper towel, and then use it to create phenomenal mural textures.


Modern mural painting design for your space - Asian Paints


Stencilling is one of the mural painting techniques the beginner can use to create detailed pieces of mural artwork. Select from simple mural painting designs outlined in the form of a stencil and stick the stencil on the wall using painter’s tape. Then carefully paint around the corners and fill the stencil areas to create a simple mural painting. 

Simple mural painting design for your space - Asian Paints


The stippling technique is used to create a unique effect by blending two colours. Start by applying the first paint coat on the wall, let it dry, and then apply a thin coat of different colour paint over it. While the second paint coat is still wet, use a stippling brush to dab the paint coat to create the stippling effect in the form of microdots that will be repeated all over the wall.

Unique mural painting design for your space - Asian Paints



The glazing technique is used to make the acrylic paint on your murals pop out and show through. To add the glazing technique to your murals, add the acrylic paint with an acrylic glazing liquid and apply the glaze on the wall. This will bring out the acrylic colours in your mural designs.

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