Elevate Your Home's Aesthetics with These Grey Colour Combinations

Grey is a word that makes you think of Christian Grey and his versatility; holding onto that emotion a little longer, grey truly is the cornerstone of class, panache, and a unique chimera. Though quite individualistic, grey wall colour combinations blend in brilliantly with other hues creating visual concepts you can’t get over. Dark and classy, grey wall combination mostly suited for modern sanctuaries, is meditative and is most definitely an escape from the daily humdrum of modern-day living. From being a home’s sense of calm, it also blends in seamlessly with other interior design accessories like plants, paintings, and upholstery.

Not being fussy with one corner of the house, grey colour combinations with appropriate colours fit in well with living rooms, kids’ rooms, master bedrooms as well as kitchen and exteriors. It’s a no-fuss colour you can’t stop yourself from loving!

Apart from its unmatched sophistication, it is a colour that comes in a myriad of different shades, some dark, some light, some super light (almost close to white) and some super dark (almost black). Each of these shades has a personality of its own. As per the science of colours, this mute yet statement colour is a whole lot of moods in a day - stylish, minimal, professional, as well as zen, felt like it looks us through a day in London! In addition to its diverse shades, grey is a versatile colour that can be paired with a multitude of other colours to create stunning wall colour combinations for any room in your home.

Sorry, that was a long introduction for a colour you may think is dull and boring, here’s changing your perception with colors that match with grey. Get ready to enlighten your shade card, your interior design game is about to see magic with some of the best color combinations with grey. 


Gray colour combination with white is a promise of sheer sophistication. It fits in almost every part of the space you want it in. Having said that grey and white combination lands itself into the bathrooms or kitchens or a home office thus giving it a chic vibe you can’t deny!

Grey & white colour combination for the home office – Asian Paints


Deeper shades of grey can come across as bold and masculine. Therefore grey contrast colour a.k.a pink keeps the grey on the prettier side with added softness and grace. The sophistication of grey and the softness of the pink balance out the energies perfectly making this colour combination best suited for a kids’ room as well as a cozy nook at home.



A gray color combination house has been in vogue these days and this particular grey paint combination is a class apart. Both grey and yellow have very different vibes they radiate. The grey is more solid, stable and zen whereas the yellow is bright, bubbly, and wavering. Together, they both complement each other and balance the energies out brilliantly thus making it perfect for a setup like a bedroom. 

Grey & yellow living room colour combination – Asian Paints


If you were thinking about colours that go with gray walls, you have come to the right place. Grey partnered with coral and a tinge of mint, grey is a delight to watch. A beautiful pastel ensemble these three musketeers when used together are sure to create magic.  

All fresh and contemporary colours, together liven up any space multifold.

Grey & coral with a hint of mint colour combination for your home – Asian Paints


Having a blue bedroom may seem like not a very great idea until you see it with shades of grey. Pairing up shades of silver grey with that of chalky cornflower blue adds a dreamy touch to your bedroom. This excellent teamwork of blue and grey enhances the mood of your room thus making it your chill spot after a mad day at work.

Grey & pale blue colour combination for the bedroom – Asian Paints


Grey and lilac are both similar looking and therefore adding another pop of a bright colour such as yellow would give it a freshness you won’t stop feeling good about. Both grey and lilac have the innate ability to give any space a rejuvenating vibe that is like a day spent with nature or a day spent outdoors doing your favourite thing.

Grey colour combination of bedroom with Lilac is thus sure to make your personal space zen filled and a reviving getaway in the comfort of your home!

Grey & lilac paint colour ideas for the bedroom – Asian Paints


Bringing in nature’s colours at home gives the home a kind of freshness you can’t get over with. Appropriate for the kitchen, this colour combination makes the kitchen a space that you would love to keep going to. Mint green, a gorgeous pastel takes away the masculinity of grey to give it a soft sense of strength thus ensuring that the kitchen is a hotspot of simplicity.


Playing around with shades of the same colour is the safest and one of the classiest tricks of interior design. From being able to give the space it is used in, an illusionary depth to leaving more room for beautifying the same as you like with accessories of your choice, grey with grey makes us go cray-cray really!

Grey’s ability to take the backseat and put to forefront artefacts, paintings, or upholstery makes this combination ideal for homes that have antique collections to display.  


This colour combination, most of our favourites, is fresh, calming, energetic, and classy altogether. This particular dark grey colour combination with teal sprinkles a sense of drama into the room it’s used in. Teal is a colour that represents peace, rejuvenation, honesty, as well as clarity of thought and grey a sense of zen, strength, and peace together make this colour duo like a match made it heaven.


Grey and terracotta are both very classic colours that still slay their individuality even when put together. Terracotta a rustic beauty and grey a contemporary one, together, outshine a space like never before. They complete each other so brilliantly that in a space with them both, it’s a feeling of completeness that radiates.

Grey & terracotta colour ideas for your home – Asian Paints


The combination of cooler colours with warmer shades is magical like grey and orange. Orange screams positivity, passion, and youthfulness, whereas, grey radiates neutrality and balance, thus balancing out the high energy of orange immaculately. A dream combination, of grey and orange are sure to give the space a vibrance that’s infectious and ridiculously passionate. 


Gray and blue combination is the real old is gold. The real definition of class, sophistication, and grandeur, grey and blue together is a combination straight out of royal households. 

Whilst we speak of the dark grey colour combination or for that matter even the light grey colour combination, having Asian Paints shade card backing your choice is a blessing in disguise. From having a wide array of options available to pick from, Asian Paints is a promise of choice, quality, affordability, durability, and class.

When it comes to choosing the right colour combination for your home, it's not just about selecting the perfect shade from the shade card. A good painter for home can make a huge difference in the final outcome of your home decor. Hiring a professional painter who has experience with Asian Paints can ensure that the paint job is done to perfection.


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