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Crystalline Waterproofing - Understanding the Meaning of the Process, Its Benefits, and More!

Concrete is a porous material, and it absorbs water, which can cause cracks, that can become breeding grounds for waterborne contaminants, that can ultimately lead to structural deterioration. So if you want to protect your concrete structures and ensure a long life, then waterproofing is essential. And one of the best methods is crystalline waterproofing.

The crystalline waterproofing coating is a technology that involves the development of crystals to ensure watertight concrete structures. The crystalline coating waterproof helps to block the water passage from any direction by making the concrete itself a water barrier. 

So if you wish to enhance the life of concrete structures, investing in crystalline waterproofing coating treatment is critical. Hence we have curated this guide, listing the main benefits of this process. 

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What is Crystalline Waterproofing Treatment?

Crystalline waterproofing treatment is a process where the active crystalline waterproofing compound, reacts with the free lime, and moisture in the concrete to form crystals within the capillary system. Crystalline Waterproofing typically comes as an easy-to-use, dry powder, which is composed of cement, silica sand, and special chemicals. This treatment effectively fills any microcracks, pores, and capillaries inside the concrete with an insoluble crystalline waterproofing material that prevents water and water-borne chemicals from entering, even under high hydrostatic pressure.

Crystalline waterproofing coating for your floor – Asian Paints

Main Benefits of The Crystalline Waterproofing Treatment

The following are the main benefits of crystalline waterproofing treatment -


1. Increases Durability

Whenever water of any form enters a concrete surface, it forms new cracks and pores, which can endanger the structural integrity of the concrete surface. However, using crystalline concrete technology can seal the pores in the concrete surface by triggering the formation of insoluble crystals that are resistant to physical damage. As a result, the structure’s durability increases using the crystalline waterproofing method. 


2. Versatile Application

The crystalline waterproofing technology is highly versatile, reliable, and useful for a wide range of applications such as slurry, an admixture, or a dry sprinkle. The crystalline methodology promotes and enhances the natural hydration process of the cement, making it suitable for complex architectural designs that require enhanced waterproofing.


3. Absence of VOCs

Crystalline waterproofing chemicals do not contain any volatile organic compound (VOC). They can be completely recycled after demolition, and no membrane separation is required from the concrete. 


4. Easy Installation 

Crystalline technology ensures simple installation and does not require protection against damages which in turn helps to cut down on the time required for installation of the protection layers. Thus, this method greatly reduces manpower and shortens the construction schedule.


5. Saves Cost

Due to the simple installation procedures, the crystalline waterproofing method reduces the cost by reducing the construction time, and manpower requirement and eliminating the need of installing protection layers. 

Expert advice - If you are looking for the best crystalline waterproofing material, Asian Paints, SmartCare Hydroloc is one of the prevalent crystalline waterproofing chemicals for interiors that do not require you to break down plaster and provides an effective waterproofing, of concrete structures.  

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