The interior-architecture style that is most suitable for a house in Kolkata


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The interior-architecture style that is most suitable for a house in Kolkata


Your interiors are an extension of your personality – and deserve to be just as unique as you are. While you may wish to follow certain design trends, it is also important to bring in your own personal touch to it, to give it a soul. Here are some design inputs most suitable for interior design in Kolkata.




Home interior design is a great medium of expression. Make a lasting impression by incorporating artistic pieces to lend your spaces a touch of grandeur. We’re talking about classic chandeliers, antique bookshelves, ottomans, and statement rugs.


Use your décor to express, but take care not to get carried away with it. Think open spaces and breathable décor to drive creativity. Avoid cluttering your rooms with excessive furniture or pieces that look out of proportion with the room. Blend in a bit of practicality with your favourite house painting designs in Kolkata to create a balance. 


Spaces have stories. What story will you create for yours? Start by choosing a particular aspect of your personality, and use statement pieces to highlight it in the décor. If you’re focusing on one main element in the design, keep the rest of the decor on the subtle side to maintain a balance and avoid your space from looking too crowded. To add a final touch of personality, consider a unique wall painting design that ties everything together.


Throw in some creative symmetric designs in your décor. Naturally occurring symmetric patterns are quite rare, which is why such designs, especially when used in décor can hold the attention of your guests. Now there’s one more reason to look forward to your soirees and family gatherings!


There you have it. Some key points to creating a design masterpiece in keeping Kolkata interior trends.


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